President Infinity – Help File – Game Concepts


Understanding Candidate Attributes


Q. What’s the difference between ad types?

A. Different ad types have different base costs, time to create, running costs, base Power, and chance of being highly successful.

Q. Once an ad is finished running, should you delete it?

A. Typically, yes. If you create a national ad, then you can run it in different regions, so you might want to keep it in case you want to run it in another region.

Q. Is a +1 (say) on an attack ad I am making make the ad more effective or less?

A. +1 means +1 to your attack, so a more effective attack.


Q. What is the difference between Barnstorming and a Policy Speech?

A. A Policy Speech is Barnstorming + a higher chance of a national news story. Once you make a Policy Speech on an issue, you can’t make another one until the issue is ‘replenished’ (usually, by an external event).

Q. What is the difference between Barnstorming and a Rally?

A. A Rally can give significantly more Power than a Barnstorming event. A rally doubles the momentum and organizational strength + footsoldier bonuses, while using the same Energy Points as Barnstorming. So, it allows your leader to have more of an effect without using more Energy Points. If your momentum is negative, you simply don’t get a bonus based on momentum, whether you’re doing Barnstorming or a Rally.

Q. When Barnstorming AGAINST a candidate, is it better to pick an issue with a + or a – ?

A. A +, which means you have a bonus for your attack.

Computer Difficulty Levels

Q. What’s the difference between the difficulties? Do you gain momentum slower or what?

A. Yes, it is more difficult for human players to gain momentum, and more difficult to get computer players to accept offers asking them to endorse or withdraw. Higher difficulty gives bonus to highscore.

CPs (Command Points)

CPs stands for Command Points. These are one of the basic currencies of the game, and are used to do various actions.

You get a certain number of CPs per day. The equation is Leadership + Command Strength + 1 = CPs per day.

You can also get a CP bonus if your campaign’s morale is high or low, which in turn is caused by high or low momentum. You get +1 CP bonus for every 2 points of national momentum you have, or -1 CP for every -2 points of national momentum. CPs per day is always at least 1, regardless of momentum.


Q. Does the timing of endorsements matter?

A. Yes. Endorsements given 4 possible things. 1. Momentum. 2. Footsoldiers. 3. Money. 4. A potential surrogate. If you get an endorsement that gives momentum in a state just before its primary, for example, that momentum will have an effect on how many people vote for you beyond the momentum’s normal effect.


Q. What effect do events have on the game?

A. Events can have a large number of effects, but it varies based on the event. Some increase the profile of an issue, some shift the issue center, some give momentum changes to candidates who hold specific issue positions, and some give momentum changes to specific candidates.

Q. What does ‘speeches replenished’ mean?

A. You can only give 1 Policy Speech per issue, until that issue is ‘replenished’. When an event occurs on an issue, you can then give another speech on that issue.


Q. How do Footsoldiers work?


1. Footsoldiers combine with Org. Strength to affect your momentum in a region. Org. Strength x Footsoldiers = your campaign’s ground Power for a given day. As of v. 2.2.7, there is then a multiplier based on how far from the election (primary or general). If it’s > 90 days, the Power is multiplied by 0 (so, it’s 0 regardless). If it’s > 60 days, it’s multiplied by 1/3. If it’s > 30 days, it’s multiplied by 2/3. If it’s 30 days or less, there’s no multiplier. For example, if you have 3 Org. Strength and 2 Footsoldiers, that’s 3 x 2 = 6 Power. If you’re 70 days from the nomination, though, then that’s multiplied by 2/3, so 6 x 2/3 = 4 Power.

2. Footsoldiers combine with Org. Strength and momentum to give a GOTV affect on election day. It’s Footsoldiers x Org. Strength x momentum / 10 = undecideds % bonus. For example, if you have 2 Footsoldiers and 3 Org. Strength, and your momentum is 5, then you get 2 x 3 x 5 / 10 = 30/10 = 3% bonus from undecideds. If your momentum is < 1, a value of 1 is used for this (so higher Footsoldiers and Org. Strength always causes higher GOTV from undecideds).


Q. How can I get large amounts with Fundraisers?

A. First, hold large numbers of Fundraisers. Important elements that determine fundraising amount are your Fundraising Strength (you can increase this by going to the Player Info Screen, then clicking to toggle to Campaign Attributes, then clicking on Fundraising Strength – you can click multiple times to allocate more than 1 CP per turn to upgrading it) and momentum in that region. Second, a region’s fundraising potential takes time to build back up, so don’t have more than 1 Fundraiser in a given region on a given day.

Q. Does organizational strength in a region affect your fundraising there?

A. Yes, your regional Org. Strength affects the amount raised.


Q. How do you upgrade a regional HQ?

A. You upgrade an HQ by going to the Strategy Screen, selecting the region you want to upgrade, and then clicking the Org. Strength button.


Q. Is there a penalty for always campaigning on the issue with the biggest plus? For example, suppose the Leadership issue has a +2 and the Government Spending issue has a +1, why would you not just campaign/use advertising etc on Leadership?

A. Each issue has a limit to the amount of momentum it can give a candidate. This is +- 2, multiplied by the profile. So if you already have a max. in the momentum on a specific issue for a given region, it makes sense to focus on another issue.


Q. How does HQ morale work?

A. Morale is directly tied to your momentum. A large amount of positive momentum means a bonus to morale, a large amount of negative momentum means a penalty to morale.

Org. Strength

Q. Am I better off building up Org. Strength before creating Footsoldiers and Polling?

A. It depends. Org. Strength and Footsoldiers are both important. One without the other won’t do much for your campaign. The formula for the amount of Power they produce each day regionally is Org. Strength x Footsoldiers. So 2 Org. Strength and 0 Footsoldiers means 2 x 0 = 0 Power. 2 Org. Strength and 2 Footsoldiers means 2 x 2 = 4 Power. Footsoldiers take significantly longer to create than Org. Strength, though, so focusing more on Org. Strength than Footsoldiers can make sense.

PIPs (Political Influence Points)

Q. Do PIPs replenish for the general?

A. No.

Policy Speeches

Q. When do Policy Speeches replenish?

A. You can only give 1 Policy Speech per issue, until that issue is ‘replenished’. Policy Speeches replenish when switching from primaries to the general election, and when an event occurs on an issue (where you see a ‘speeches replenished’ message in your Turn Summary).


Q. Is your Polling less accurate if you haven’t Targeted a state or don’t have any Org. Strength there?

A. Polling accuracy is not affected by whether you have Targeted a state or your Org. Strength level there. However, turning on Polling takes 1 less CP if the region is already Targeted. Polling accuracy is affected by your campaign-wide Polling attribute, which you can see and upgrade by going to the Player Info Screen, then clicking the Toggle Attributes Viewing Mode.


Q. When holding a Rally AGAINST a candidate, is it better to pick an issue with a + or a – ?

A. A +, which means you have a bonus for your attack.


Q. What do spies do? Do they let you research scandals faster on a candidate?

A. Yes, they increase the speed you can research a scandal, and help with spinning news stories about that candidate.

Super PACs

Q. What is a Super PAC?

A. A ‘Super Political Action Committee’. These are organizations which tend to run ads among other things for a candidate. Officially, they are not connected with a candidate’s campaign, but often they take queues from candidates in various ways. In the game, your Super PAC will run ads for you.


Q. What is Targeting?

A. When you Target a region, you prioritize it in your campaign. This increases your effective Org. Strength there, and decreases the time to create other things in the state (further Org. Strength, Footsoldiers, and Polling).

Q. Does it matter when I target a state?

A. Yes. Targeting increases your Org. Strength by 1, and decreases the time to create other things in the state (further Org. Strength, Footsoldiers, and Polling). So, for example, any effects in a region from an increased Org. Strength will occur earlier if you Target that region earlier.


Q. How often should I change my themes?

A. The longer an issue is in your theme, the more of a bonus you get on that issue. So, having a relatively consistent theme will probably be better than switching issues all the time.

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  2. How does the ‘power’ mechanic work? I can see that rallies, barnstorms, speeches & spin give a power number, but is this just another word for ‘momentum’? Is there anything else that it affects apart from momentum?

  3. I can never seem to get a TV interview, but the opponent does all the time. Can you explain how this works?

  4. @Jesse,

    On the Spin Screen (the one with the news stories), when you are offered an interview(s), there will be a number > 0 at the top left of the screen. Click on this number. Then check box(es).

  5. Had a huge lead in Texas for primaries and this Messam guy came and won it out of nowhere….wtf???? Why? What am I doing wrong?

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