Prime Minister Forever Canada 2011 Version Information

  1. Known problems.
  2. Version information.

Known problems:

We are updating and addressing any issues as they come into us.

– Norton products seem to be having problems with the Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 install file. If you use a Norton product and are having a problem, please contact us.

– If you try to install an update and it is interrupted with an ‘Access Denied’ message to replace certain files, 1. Shut down PM4E Canada 2011 before trying to update. 2. Run the install file by right-clicking and selecting ‘Run as administrator’.

Latest internal version (not yet released):

nothing yet!

Version Information

You can tell you have the most recent version by the version number on your start screen. You can request a new update download from here.

v. 1.3.0

– added Leader attributes as possible issues
– ranked percentages on Main Screen
– ranked percentages on Constituency Screen
– Main Screen and Constituency Screen: fixed bug where change in percentages in column != change in percentages on graph
– Main Screen: fixed bug where if click to change graph mode, doesn’t update immediately
– Main Screen: if click to cancel Barnstorming or Policy Speech, ‘This will cancel’ describes speech or barnstorming being cancelled
– Canada 2011: Harper’s description: “Primer Minister’s” -> “Prime Minister’s”
– Canada 2011: added Leader attributes to issues
– Canada 2011: added version info to scenario title, latest version is 1.3.0
– Seat Info Screen: fixed bug where when hovered on certain part of Tracking Poll, showed info on region
– Election Screen: fixed bug where says ‘Seats results are with preferences’
– percentages.xml: if have a shift section, no longer need to include every party’s shift data

v. 1.2.9

– can do multiple of a given Leader Activity (Barnstorming, and so on) in a turn
– can travel to multiple regions in a turn (if doing multiple Barnstorming activities)
– can cancel Leader Activities
– Constituency Screen: can now cancel Ground Ops
– Constituency Screen: added Cancel Polling button
– Constituency Screen: added Cancel Targeting button
– fixed bug where if un-Targeted constituency, would get CPs
– fixed bug where when used policy speech, was able to select same issue for next policy speech
– Canada 2011: weakened Bloc Quebecois support by increasing Bloc Quebecois leaning, decreasing Bloc Quebecois committeds
– Canada 2011: weakened Green support by increasing Green leaning, decreasing Green committeds
– Canada 2011: Edmonton-Sherwood Park: added Independent, James Ford
– Canada 2011: changed poll closing times

v. 1.2.8

– crusaders now have turns_to_make tag, can be set to any value
– crusaders now can cost PIPs
– Main Screen: if click CP button, shows CP summary
– Main Screen: if researching Insight or Scandal, displays highest percentage
– Main Screen: graphics algorithm quicker
– Main Screen: added visual feedback above buttons for leader activities
– “Win 1 out of 308 Seat” -> “Win 1 out of 308 Seats”
– Canada 2011: Ignatieff: second Martha Hall Findlay -> Ralph Goodale
– Canada 2011: Ignatieff: added Paul Martin and Jean Chretien as crusaders
– Canada 2011: Duceppe: added Jacques Parizeau as crusader
– Canada 2011: added Rob Ford as endorser (decided Conservative)
– fixed bug where Polling didn’t give daily tracking poll
– fixed bug where couldn’t click Funds button on Constituency Screen if party not displayed (and on ballot)
– fixed bug where still showing progress bar for crusader, ad, and so on, bars above buttons when click to show leader activity buttons
– fixed bug where could give funds to local candidate when deactived Funds button showing
– fixed bug where not charging CPs for last turn of crusader creation
– Constituency Screen: removed “Leadership PACs might continue to give funds to this candidate.” when hover over deactivated Funds button
– Research Screen: political unit name abbreviated if too long

v. 1.2.7

– fixed local candidate names too long on election night form
– increased highscore bonus 10 -> 50 if reach party goal
– Canada 2011: changed endorsers to no Ground Ops for now (due to high cost)

v. 1.2.6

– added endorsers
– fixed bug where if click on region that is white on Main Map, get error
– fixed problem where other parties were willing to work with independents as head of new government, even if those parties wouldn’t work with each other to form government (would result in Andre Arthur becoming Prime Minister if Conservatives had 154 seats)
– Canada 2011: Layton: Debating 3 -> 4
– Canada 2011: added event ‘Bin Laden Killed In Pakistan’, increases issue ‘Defence’ profile by 1
– Canada 2011: event ‘Greens Excluded From Debate’ now increases issue ‘Parliament and Senate’ profile by 1
– Canada 2011: Elizabeth May: Trade: right -> center-left
– Canada 2011: added event ‘William and Kate Married!’

v. 1.2.5

– Canada 2011: French debate 2011-4-14 -> 2011-4-13
– Canada 2011: Nycole Turmel, Romeo Saganash 2 -> 3
– Canada 2011: some incumbent Bloc Quebecois candidates 2 -> 3
– Canada 2011: Wetaskiwin name added
– fixed bug where if canceled ad would still take 1 CP
– fixed bug where if win minority government, then click on map, highscores says “will not be a part of the new government.”

v. 1.2.4

– Canada 2011: Winnipeg North: increased Liberal party percentage
– Canada 2011: finalized candidates from Elections Canada
– fixed bug where crusaders for Bloc Quebecois would start off in a political unit where Bloc Quebecois is not on the ballot

v. 1.2.3

– fixed bug where not able to change constituency viewing when election night paused

v. 1.2.2

– Canada 2011: Simcoe-Grey: increased Guergis 15 -> 25%, Leitch 40 -> 30%
– fixed bug where if 0 players qualify for debates, caused error
– fixed bug in save-load where didn’t save whether player was in debates or not

v. 1.2.1

– Canada 2011: alienated 5% -> 40%
– Canada 2011: entered detailed riding population data
– fixed bug on Main Screen where when hover over regional flag, has a “/” at the beginning of the description

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