Congress Forever 2012 Version Information

Congress Infinity, the sequel to Congress Forever, is now available here!

  1. Known problems.
  2. Version Information.

Known problems:

– Norton products might have problems with the Congress Forever 2012 install file. If you use a Norton product and are having a problem, please contact us.

– If you try to install an update and it is interrupted with an ‘Access Denied’ message to replace certain files, 1. Shut down Congress Forever 2012 before trying to update. 2. Run the install file by right-clicking and selecting ‘Run as administrator’.

Version Information

You can tell you have the most recent version by the version number on your start screen. You can request a new update download from here.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the install file, clicking ‘Save as’ and saving to a place like your desktop.
  2. Make sure Congress Forever 2012 is closed.
  3. Run the install file. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, right-click and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  4. When you start Congress Forever 2012, double check it is installed by looking at the version number on the start screen.

v. 1.4.1

– fixed bug where national attack ads always backfired

v. 1.4.0

– added House 2012
– percentages.xml > added “shift_override” option

v. 1.3.9

– Senate 2012 > AK > Murkowski Democratic -> Republican
– Senate 2012 > NM > corrected percentages
– Senate 2012 > DE > corrected candidates
– Senate 2012 > MS > corrected candidates
– Senate 2012 > added “incumbent” to two seats where no elections to make swing seats calculations correct
– parties.xml > added a “caucuses_with” variable, affects election night determination of who won
– Senate 2012 > Sanders > set caucuses_with=”democratic”
– Election Night Screen > fixed bug when try to close election night form in Congressional scenario
– Ads Screen > fixed bug where showed Power of 0 when creating an ad
– fixed bug where running ad nationally had no effect
– Strategy Screen > fixed where ordering by ads running didn’t work
– Strategy Screen > changed positioning of next and previous buttons
– ads running cost now varies by state

v. 1.3.7

– Senate 2012 > MA, IN, HI percentages modified

v. 1.3.6

– added Senate 2012

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