Campaigns Forever Version Information

  1. Known problems.
  2. Version information.

Known problems:

– There is a known bug if a region in a party’s primary seats has a 0 value, that causes a ‘floating point division by zero’ or ‘invalid floating point operation’ error after clicking ‘Done’ when playing a scenario.

Solution: In Campaigns Forever, go to Step 5. -> for each party -> Region Info -> and then make sure all Seats Number values are greater than 0.

– There is a known bug if every region has the same poll_open_time value. In this case, the electoral vote numbers may not display correctly on the election night screen.

Workaround: change one of your region’s poll_open_time values to be different. For ex., if all are set to 1600, set one to 1500.

– There is a known bug if a region has a very low number of voters (for ex., 19). In this case, there may be rounding errors, including the program changing undecideds to 0%.

Workaround: increase the population, for ex., add a couple of 0’s to all the population numbers.

– There is a known bug that causes a generic error message after clicking ‘Done’ on the first turn when playing a scenario. The problem originates in the parties.xml file.

Solution: Go through the



sections, and removes all the values between those tags (for both parties and leaders), so that what’s left looks like the above for each of those sections. Alternately, send it to us and we will fix it for you.

– If you are using Vista, when updating some files might not be updated.

Solution: To correct this, run the install file by right-clicking on the install file and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’.

– v. and up fixes a bug where users are constantly asked to activate, but to fix this you must install both President Forever 2008 + Primaries and Campaigns Forever again.

– There is a known bug setting issue position fundraising bonuses.

– There is a known bug with party and candidate images. If you receive an “Invalid image size” error, it is probably due to this bug.

Workaround: use a web-site like to manually resize your images. Once they’ve been sized to the proper size (so 101×101 for party images, 75×87 for candidate images, 32×32 for small candidate images), import them into the scenario.

– The game cannot handle very large numbers for populations (in the billions) in certain situations. If you are getting, for example, negative numbers for ad costs when running the ad in regions with a very large population, this is probably due to the program not being able to handle the population numbers.

Workaround: reduce your population numbers (you might want to divide population by 10, and then multiply the money coefficient by 10 to make things “feel” the same, for example).

If you are experiencing any problems, please contact us.

Version Information

You can tell you have the most recent version by the version number on your start screen. You can request a new update download from here.

We recommend backing up any custom scenarios you have made before updating or re-installing.


– checks that each Scripted Event’s outcome has at least 1 effect and gives a message if not (if Scripted Event didn’t have at least 1 effect for each event’s outcome, it would cause an error when trying to play the scenario)


– fixed a bug where Leader homestates were not being set (note: setting a Leader’s homestate does not set a bonus percentage, you need to then set the bonus(es) separately)
– checks that each Simple Event has at least 1 headline and gives a message if not (if Simple Events were being used and a Simple Event didn’t have at least 1 headline, it would cause an error when trying to play the scenario)
– when opening a scenario, requires a new scenario name if opening a default scenario
– removed issue fundraising bonus box


– fixed a bug where constantly asked for activation, to properly fix this bug you should install both President Forever 2008 + Primaries and Campaigns Forever again

v. (program will say

– makes sure election poll closing times are between 0000 and 2359
– doesn’t allow 0 seats for a party’s regional election event


– changed version number to synchronized with President Forever 2008 + Primaries
– can add Leader and Vice-Leader bonuses
– can now change the order of political units
– bug > fixed not setting threshold cut-offs
– bug > fixed allowing decimals for fundraising and money coefficients
– bug > image files resized to proper size when loaded, whether loaded from scenario folder or an external folder
– added link to online help
– removed AutoUpdate
– added Update button

– Added Rewards type for scripted event outcome effect, now can specify momentum or money

– Can now specify the news story profile bonus for primaries and caucuses
– Fixed Activation bug

– Fixed Create New Veep Access Violation

– Disabled ability to change default activity names


– Fixed European decimal problems
– Added version information to About screen
– Campaign Creation Bug: Vice-Leader home region percentage bonuses weren’t properly set. This causes access violations with Vice-Leaders. To fix scenario, open in Campaigns Forever and any problems should be fixed automatically
– Campaign Creation Bug: Relations data not initialized properly. Causes access violations when trying to access party relations. To fix scenario, open in Campaigns Forever and any problems should be fixed automatically

v. (you will know that you have updated to this version if a Help button is now on the top menu bar)

– Fixed proper Help file not associated with program
– Added Help button to menu
– Fixed campaign creation bug (campaigns created from new before this bug was fixed and that give an error when trying to play them need to be fixed – you can send them to us or follow the directions that will be posted soon)