Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 Help File


Moves a leader to another region.

Takes $



Takes: 1 CP, 10 EPs

What matters: Energy, Issue Familiarity (and Upgrade), Debating (and Upgrade), and Charisma

Result: triumph (difference > 4) = profile 5 news story, win = profile 4 news story, draw = neutral profile 3 news story

Candidates automatically schedule debates.



If a leader is not moving and has no activities scheduled for a day, he automatically rests.

Result: add Stamina*3 to leader’s Energy, upto max. of 100

Policy Speech

Takes: 2 CPs, 10 EPs

What matters: Leadership, Charisma, Theme Bonus (if about issue in theme), Insight (if use one for policy speech), Spin Strength

Backfire: Experience, attacking

Result: news story where profile = issue policy speech about’s profile, barnstorming (in region where giving policy speech)


Takes: 1 CP, 10 EPs

What matters: National percentage, national momentum, Fundraising Strength, Charisma

Result: $



Takes: ?

What matters: Issue Familiarity, Charisma, Debating, Experience, Interviewer Contentiousness, Difference between Player’s average position and Interviewer’s position

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