Spin Screen


Successful Spin -> Slant +1 if about yourself, Slant -1 if about another candidate.

Successful Neutralize -> Slant = 0, Extent divided by 2.

Successful Flip -> Slant reversed and divided by 2.

Successful Help -> Slant +1.

Types of stories

Gaffe news stories occur randomly, whenever your leader, vice-leader, or surrogate is barnstorming or holding a rally. The likelihood of a gaffe news story is affected for leaders and vice-leaders by Energy (the higher, the less likely), Experience (the higher, the less likely), and Issue Familiarity (the higher, the less likely). For surrogates, the chance is 1% each time they barnstorm. However, a gaffe news story is more likely to occur if a player’s Spin Strength is higher (as a proxy for news-worthiness).