President Infinity – Help File – Editor


The Campaign Editor is used by 270soft to do most of the editing and creation for official campaigns. It gives you the ability to create custom campaigns, with different leaders, parties, issues, endorsers, regions, and so on.

Creating Leader Images

Creating Maps

Note that when filling a region, your paint tool should have Tolerance set to 0, and Antialiasing set to off.

If using, make sure you are saving your source map file as the format (PDN). Only save as a bitmap (BMP) when you are done and want the output for importing into the game Editor.

To download, you can go to and click the link under “Get it now” in the top right of the screen.

Creating Party Images


Q. Is there a way to edit candidate attributes, or create scenarios?

A. A Campaign Editor tool is included allowing for full editing of candidates. It also allows for creating or editing candidates and endorsers, and more.

Q. How do I add a new candidate?

A. Open the Editor, then select the campaign you want to add the new candidate to. Now click the ‘Leaders’ button. Now select the leader you want to use as a template, by selecting the party and candidate from the drop-down boxes. Then click the ‘New’ button. Now you can edit the new candidate as you see fit, including the name, attributes, and pictures (by clicking the pictures).

Q, Does a 1 in Corruption mean a high or low level of corruption?

A. Corruption is unlike the other attributes in that it’s a better thing if it’s lower. 1 means a low level of corruption.

Regions Screen

Q. When I change %s Editor and then start a new game, the %s haven’t changed. How can I fix that?

A. If the Editor > Polls > Use Polls is set to on, then for the primaries only poll data is used. If you’re changing the %s in the Regions screen, then it won’t affect the starting %s unless you switch to not using poll data. So, instead you can add a new poll with the relevant data on the Polls Screen.

Polls Screen

The Polls Screen allows for inputting % data in a poll format. You can use real-life polls, or make up poll data.

Currently, only primaries leader poll numbers are used.

Polls are used in conjunction with a start date. For example, if a game is started with a start date of Oct. 1st, 2015, the game engine will look for polls from at or just before that date. If a game is started with a start date of Jan. 1st, 2016, polls at or just before that date will be used.

Polls are used up to one month before the start date. For example, for a start date of Oct. 1st, 2015, the game will use polls from Oct. 1st to Sep. 1st (roughly). It will prioritize more recent polls.

If there are no polls for a region in that time frame, the game engine will use national poll data for that time frame instead. If there’s no national poll data as well, then a default of 0% is used.

As a campaign designer, you should make sure there is national poll data for each start date in a given campaign, if you don’t have regional polling data that covers all the regions for that start date.

Issues Screen

The game sets any pixels that have the same color as the top-left pixel in your issue image to be transparent. If you don’t want any other pixels to be transparent in the image, set the top-left pixel to be a unique color from any other pixel.


There are some campaign variables you cannot edit in the Editor yet. To edit these, you must open a campaign file in an XML editor. We do not recommend doing this. If you do so, make sure to back up your folder beforehand.