President Forever 2016 – What’s New

It wasn’t easy making a game that was better than President Forever 2008 + Primaries … Introducing President Forever 2016!

What’s new:

New game engine

President Forever 2016 has been rebuilt from the ground up, to allow for a huge number of improvements in the game, and to open up future development as we head towards 2016.

2016 campaign that is constantly being updated

The 2016 campaign currently includes 34 candidates and 4 parties, and is continually being expanded and updated as 2016 gets closer.


More detailed candidates

Candidates now have a host of new attributes, covering all major aspects of a campaign, from Spin Strength to Ad Strength to Strategic Strength and more. Not only do candidates start with different strengths, you can work to increase the attributes.


Want to boost your candidate’s fundraiser hauls? Upgrade your Fundraising Strength. Want to more easily find Insights into the electorate? Increase your Research Strength. Want rapid response to news stories? Time to up your Spin Strength.

New capabilities for Vice-Presidential candidates

Vice-Presidential candidates now give Policy Speeches, increase their Issue Knowledge, and Fundraise, and more beyond their 2008 abilities.

New Surrogate abilities

Surrogates can not only barnstorm on your behalf, but can spin or fundraise. Each Surrogate comes with their own stats – one might be an awesome fundraiser, another might be able to blaze a barnstorming trail, another might be able to spin like there’s no tomorrow.


The GUI has been revamped and simplified. Some highlights: new Strategy Screen, new Endorsers Screen, new Primaries Results Screen, and much more.


In the new Strategy Screen, you can order the primaries by date, who’s in the lead, advertising power, and more. Then click-through for detailed stats on that state.

A universe of Endorsers

The number of Endorsers has increased (including all Senators, Governors, and more). Endorsers can now become Surrogates once you lock up their endorsement!


Campaign infrastructure

You can now invest resources to build local campaign infrastructure, which synergizes  with your foot soldiers!

New debate mechanics

You can now choose who to focus on for a given debate, and debate scores are resolved differently. Can you neutralize your opponents’ attacks? Will they backfire? Will you be able to land a devastating attack on your opponent?


Historical campaigns going forward

President Forever 2016 currently comes with 2016, 2012, 2008, 1968, and 1912 campaigns. For history buffs, going forward all campaigns in-between will be added (2004, 2000, and so on until 1912 – in the end, there will be at least 26 official campaigns). Owners can expect to have about 1 official campaign added per month.

Campaign Editor included

The Campaign Editor is included in President Forever 2016. It includes full ability to modify candidates, leaders, surrogates, endorsers. It is continually being enhanced as we move towards 2016. This is the tool 270soft uses to modify campaigns.


More features going forward

President Forever 2016 will continue to be expanded on a regular basis until the 2016 election. All owners receive updates for free.