Congress Election Game 2012

Congress Infinity is released! Details here.

Includes Senate and House 2012!

Play the definitive political game, and change the fate of Congress!

The balance of power in the nation’s Congress is now in your hands with the most sophisticated Congressional game yet! Congress Forever 2012.

Congress Forever 2012 is the most in-depth, intense Congressional election game ever made. Using realistic electorate modeling techniques, an unprecedented number of options, and detailed candidates, this is big time!

Take the helm of one of the powerful Congressional election committees as the Democrats or Republicans for the House or Senate, strategizing and leading your party’s candidates toward Congressional victory.

Congress Forever 2012 includes the following elections data: 2012 (Senate), 2012 (House), 2010 (Senate), 2010 (House), and 2008 (House).

Good campaigning, Congressional-Leader-to-Be!

System requirements: Congress Forever 2012 runs on Windows xp, Vista, or 7.
Internet connection required to download and for one-time activation.

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