Canada Election Game 2011

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada now includes 2011. See here.

Play the definitive Canadian political game that “will bring out the inner politician and political strategist in you.” – Nodice Elections

It’s 2011. The fate of the country is in your hands. Lead your party to victory.

With the 3 opposition parties voting to defeat the government, Harper goes to the polls. Can he get a majority government? Or will the Liberals stop him, and lead with a coalition government of their own?

System requirements: Prime Minister Forever – Canada runs on Windows xp, Vista, or 7.
Internet connection required to download.

New to 2011 …

• Completely new game engine.

• Detailed party seat breakdown according to strength of support.

• Turn parties off: want to see what the election would be like without the Greens, for example (or any other party)? Turn them off, and give the scenario a spin.

• Campaign attributes: leaders have not only personal attributes (Leadership, Experience, and so on), but also campaign attributes (Ads Strength, Spin Strength, Polling Strength, and so on).

• Local scandals: dig up dirt on not just your opponent’s national campaign, but on local candidates as well … and then fan the flames into nation-wide scandal coverage.

• Seat swing info: look at how many seats you’re projected to take compared with the last sitting of Parliament, and which incumbents you’re going to dethrone.

• High-score bonuses: defeat high-profile candidates in ridings, and gain extra high-score bonuses.

• New ads system: target ads to the national, regional, or local levels, and run them accordingly.

• Issue positions expanded from 5 to 7: be the ideologue you always wanted to be.

• and more

To get the 2011 campaign, see Prime Minister Infinity – Canada here.

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