Canada Election Game 2008

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Play the definitive Canadian political game that “will bring out the inner politician and political strategist in you.” – Nodice Elections

It’s 2008. Canada heads to the polls. Lead your party to victory.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dropped the writ for an October election. Will he be able to move the Conservatives to a majority, or will Dion’s Liberals succeed in wresting power back?

Play as Harper’s Conservatives, Dion’s Liberals, Layton’s NDP, Duceppe’s Bloc, or May’s Greens, or insert yourself and run for PM.

Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008 is the new version of the most in-depth, intense parliamentary election game ever made.

Strategy is done not only by province but down to the individual riding (308 of ’em), each with the relevant candidates, ratings, and percentages.

This new release throws you into the heat of the 2008 election battle. It also includes the 2006, 2004, 2000, 1997, 1993, and even 1867 (Confederation) elections – a huge number of scenarios, parties and candidates allowing dizzying number of options right out of the box – with over 3,000 candidates in total.

Prime Minister Forever was a featured game on the CBC’s federal election site.

System requirements: Prime Minister Forever – Canada runs on Windows xp, Vista, or 7.
Internet connection required to download.

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