Introducing 270sims!

We have a new name, 270sims! We’ll be rolling out the rebranding in the next while. All new games or versions will be released under this name, and you can go to instead of as of now. Thanks for being part of these games!

3 thoughts on “Introducing 270sims!”

  1. In addition the new redownloads page is so confusing in an unacceptable manner. Customers like me paid for software of your company, yet no explanation nor information was given to the new website system. This whole redesign is just next level mishandling and does not meet my expectations at all, nor would it do any good for your new A More Perfect Union game.

    Customers expected updates to the Prime Minister Infinity games. Even if you were not to update them, customers expect downloads to be in place like Chancellor Forever 2009 as long as your company doesn’t go bankrupt. Yet, not only unnecessary design changes were made to President and Congress Infinity, you ditched the other games that were working perfectly well. This just disappoints me.

    I would sincerely advice you to reverse the redesign.

  2. Just to add that we customers expect good customer service. Customer service includes clear instructions. Yet, none of this is present and the website was left in a confusing mess due to the latest rebrand. This would just scare anyone who could be potentially interested in your software, especially your new game.

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