President Infinity 2020 – v. 1.8b

Note: President Infinity 2021 has been rebranded as President Infinity 2020.

President Infinity 2020 v. 1.8b for Windows and Mac has been released!

This release adds

  • Spin Screen > fixed bugs with Interviewers and Surrogates screens not showing properly
  • Historical campaigns > updated all year images
  • 2016 > updated all party images
  • Main Screen > %s > added tooltip > “Decided %s are % of decided voters. Undecided %s are a % of all voters.”

The game will install as ‘President Infinity 2020‘. Make sure to run that file, not the older President Infinity app.

Keyboard shortcuts, sound, and Editor are forthcoming.

Installation instructions:

Windows: download (see below) and run the installer.

Windows playing notes: if in full-screen mode, use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game.

Mac: download (see below), decompress (if not done automatically), and then move app file to your Applications.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page.

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Version information:

2 thoughts on “President Infinity 2020 – v. 1.8b”

  1. Consistent issue with historical campaigns in primaries , seen at the initial screen in following 2008 (Romney, Gore & Edwards), 2016 (Warren) and 1980 (Kennedy). 2016 has appeared as normal with candidates already selected as does 2004

    Maps appearing as all white box with (MapLabel) or a blank map. Upon clicking it does populate as normal though

    When selecting 7 day turns, dates not appearing. But they state ‘DayLabel’ and ‘Label1’ (running to Label4)

    Box to select candidate or endorsers is Grey reads ‘Selected Item’ and is entirely blank

    All action options (Barnstorm, Speech… etc) can’t be selected and have a 1x beside each of them

    You can create an advert, but all the options are blank once Theme & Human Candidate are selected, appears as normal if doing ad on AI. Pictures beside candidate & theme, but text does not populate. Once created in list no text populates and only a picture of the theme is present.

    Cannot proceed to next turn.

    CPs revert to full value after investing in campaign attributes on main screen, but actions/CP show as underway/committed

  2. @David,

    Thanks for this – you might be getting a cascade of errors caused by an initial error. What would help greatly would be an error you can consistently recreate after app start (so if you get an error, shut down the app, start again) with a consistent set of start options.

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