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  1. It seems the ‘Subscribe to blog’ on the right-side of the blog wasn’t working – now should be fixed.

  2. Any idea if/when we will have other electoral systems added to the game? Thank you for all you have done so far.

  3. @Mo,

    No plans at this time. We’re focusing on A More Perfect Union, Congress Infinity 2022, and President Infinity 2021. There’s lots of work to do this year.

  4. When will the full campaign editor be available on the fantastic new PI 2021?

    Thanks for everything Anthony!

  5. @Lewis, The Editor is slowly being built out. I don’t have an ETA for a full Editor, but a full Editor is part of the goal for PI 2021.

  6. @Adrian,

    No plans at this point, although Linux is an option for Unity deployment, and could happen at some point.

  7. Please sort out election night itself. At the moment it is a mess of flickering lights as states flip from one player to another and back again. Once called that should be it, unless something rare happens. After spending hours getting to election night it is a real anti-climax.

  8. So I noticed when I was modding my files sometimes I’d get to a primary/general election date and the game would soft crash (simulating the day would freeze the game) I thought it was because one of the files was corrupted but I tested it with old file changes and I could never figure out what I messed up on.

    Long story short, I changed the folder name launched it and suddenly the soft crashes disappeared, I thought it was because something was wrong with the game but this soft crash stuff would happen in the default game too usually after i started a user scenario where I modded everything. Just letting you know because I’m sure I’m not the only guy who’s had this happen to them. Hopefully you can find the source of the problem.

    I’m looking to see if maybe the application left a file in my appdata and that it just needs to be deleted but I can’t seem to locate it yet.

  9. And to just be aware I’ve done edited with and without the in-game editor in multiple attempts to mod the game. It would always soft crash on some primary/general election date. I also deleted the shaders, which might’ve fixed it? Who knows lol. All I know is I’m enjoying the game now.

  10. Any update on the AMPU game (A More Perfect Union)? The devs for the game originally said that by April open-community pre-orderers would be able to play a beta version of the gme. Is that still going on? How close are we to that?

  11. @Kieron,

    Yes, Election Night could use some fine-tuning – thanks for this.

    @Daniel D,

    Can you e-mail me ( https://270soft.com/contact ) so I can get a more detailed account of what you’re talking about here? Please include what you posted here so I have context.


    When did I say that?!? 🙂 I believe I said mid-2022 for Beta. This is probably the summer.

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