Congress Infinity 2022 next update

This post will contain updates on the next Congress Infinity 2022 update. Note that this version has not been released yet.

Changes so far

  • Ads now use the same CPs system as polls, so if you are creating more ads than your Ads Strength, it costs 1 CP per ad
  • ‘Electoral Vote Info Screen’ renamed to ‘Region Screen’
  • Endorsers Screen > Fixed a bug where game would crash if no endorsers to display
  • Activities > added tooltips
  • Research Screen > added region selector
  • Ads Screen > added region selector
  • Select Campaign Screen > party names > text won’t overflow
  • fixed bug with Import > Zip where would delete existing campaigns
  • Editor > can set a party to regional and then specify no regions for an observer party
  • Editor > graphics switched to Png or Jpg (instead of Bmp)
  • Editor > all graphics sizes doubled (except regions)
  • Editor > if you enter a new map (double size of previous), coordinates automatically updated
  • Editor > Basics > added Campaign Image import
  • Tip > Editor > Export > if you have exported %s in a spreadsheet that have been modified but not imported, import before installing this update (then re-export after update if desired)

2 thoughts on “Congress Infinity 2022 next update”

  1. Hi. Just wanted to ask if an iOS version will come out at some point? I feel your games would be perfect for iOS/ mobile. Thanks!

  2. @Joao,

    iOS is a possibility (in particular for iPad), and might happen at some point. However, this is not currently planned. Just Mac and Windows right now for CI 2022.

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