Phasing out subscriptions, moving to major release model

I’ve decided to phase subscriptions out, and move instead to a major release model.

Here’s why. From a development perspective, it is better to be able to focus on larger updates that take more time, than constant updates. Although 4 years (say) is too long, 1 year is about right. The new major release model will allow the games to receive major updates at relevant periods (see below), with President Infinity the most often at yearly intervals.

  1. Anyone on subscription currently will retain their subscription and updates to their products, but no new subscriptions, including renewals outside of people with automatic renewals.
  2. Going forward, President Infinity will move to a yearly major release model (2021 shortly will be the current release, then 2022 at the end of the year). There will be major features for the year, and then minor updates and bug fixes after that, until the next round. 3.3.6 is the 2021 release, and unlike future years, it still has major features to be added, and that will occur for several months. Then there will be a pause from major features, then 2022 will be released. Each yearly release will be available at a discount if you’re an existing customer.
  3. Congress Infinity will move to a 2 year major release model. The latest Beta will become 2022, and will have major features added up to 2022. Then a pause on major features, and 2024 will be released after that. Each 2 year release will be available at a discount if you’re an existing customer.
  4. Prime Minister Infinity games will probably be released as major updates to coincide with their respective elections, which are variable. Each new release will be available at a discount if you’re an existing customer.

If your subscription has expired and you want the latest President Infinity or Congress Infinity, you can simply use Add a game. Through this, you can add President Infinity 2021, Congress Infinity 2022, or Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. or Canada.

21 thoughts on “Phasing out subscriptions, moving to major release model”

  1. This does seem like a good switch to make but would mean we wouldn’t see an update to the new system for Prime Minister Infinity until the next election in the UK? PMI UK seems like the game that is most in need of that sort of update as it’s unfortunately slow and liable to crash at the moment.

  2. @Will, No, both PMIs will probably receive updates once the new game engine is finalized for this year and everything is running tickety-boo.

  3. But no decision has been made at this point on exactly how to handle those ‘catching up’ PMI updates.

  4. Oh that’s fantastic news! Honestly, I’d happily pay given how much of a revamp it will be! Thank you for all your hard work on this!

  5. Is there an estimate of when you believe the FINAL version of President Infinity will be available for download?

  6. Constant deadline pushbacks, overpromising and under-delivering. Hopefully this starts to turn the tide. Having followed and played for years, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of progress on ideas and plans you put out.

  7. Is the 2 round election planned ? I was really excited when you announced it for the 2017 French presidential election, but I remember it was delayed due to the early election in UK.

  8. @Tanner,

    That would mean it was on auto-renewal. As such, you will get any new releases included in your subscription for another year. I can turn off your auto-renewal for you, please e-mail me ( ) with the relevant e-mail address in your subscription.

  9. “Anyone on subscription currently will retain their subscription and updates to their products, but no new subscriptions, including renewals.”


  10. @Tanner,

    If you’re on automatic renewal, it automatically renews unless I manually turn it off. PayPal does not make it easy to do that.

    If you don’t want an automatic renewal, simply e-mail me ( ) and I can issue a refund for you.

  11. What am I getting with this renewal that I just was charged for? It sounded to me that you said there will be no more subscriptions, subscribers will get no additional benefits, and existing subscriptions will not renew. That seems to be what you announced. So why would I want to auto-renew?

    If being a subscriber no longer gets me anything like it used to (new versions), then I am sure that everyone on your auto-renew list wants off. The post here made it sound like we were already off.

  12. @Tanner,

    It gives you updates for another year for all your product streams. That includes President Infinity 2021 and Congress Infinity 2022. Basically, if you are on auto-update and get this and want those products, you get a good deal.

    No decision has been made on other new products beyond those.

  13. @Anthony: Good to hear there will be updates. when are you going to open it up for everyone who wasn’t on auto renew to purchase access to them?

  14. Is a new Prime Minister Infinity update in the works for the 2021 Canadian election? If so, will it become Catalina compatible for MacOS?

  15. Hi Anon,

    No Canadian Prime Minister Infinity in the works for the 2021 election. It might be added retrospectively, we’ll see. Yes, any new Prime Minister Infinity will use the latest game engine and be made for recent Windows and Mac operating systems.

  16. This is pretty confusing honestly. I’m seeing three sets of version numbers. There’s the classic 3.x, the new interface 1.1x and then there’s PI 2021. What’s the difference among these? Are new updates/campaigns still being released for the classic interface, because I still have big issues with the new one?

  17. Classic is the old game and interface. PI 2021 is the latest game, and is version 1.x.

    There are no updates being released for Classic.

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