President Infinity Beta – v. 3.2.2

President Infinity Beta v. 3.2.2 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This release adds save-load. Save-load is considered an experimental feature right now, and is only recommended for games starting in the general election, outside of testing purposes. It is very slow for typical games starting in the primaries, with save times in the minutes for a typical 2020 primaries start, and loads multiples of that.

Note: if you have campaigns you have made, it is recommended that you back these up first. Although there should be no problems loading and playing them, this simply errs on the side of caution. If the campaign formatting is unknown, the campaign will be re-written to disk using the new formatting without backing up the original version. If a campaign XML file’s syntax has to be updated, it will backup automatically, however.

Note: a Beta release is a pre-official release, for people wishing to test the product. It is not complete. See notes below. This version will not overwrite your existing official release install, so you can test the Beta release while still playing your previously installed official release.

Version Beta 3.2.2 adds

  • save-load (experimental)

I am not looking for feedback on the game unless it relates to core game functionality (basic things you can’t do in the game, crashing, bugs, things that obviously don’t look right).

No Editor. It may crash or have other bugs.

Installation instructions:


Download (see below) and double click on the zip file once downloaded.

1. Right click on the extracted app and select New Terminal at Folder. 

2. Copy and paste the following to the terminal line 

cd Contents/MacOS

then press enter. 

3. Then copy and paste the following to the terminal line

chmod +x *

then press enter. 

4. Then control-click on the app. Select ‘Open’ from the context menu (this is required the first time it is run).

Windows: download (see below) the zip file > right-click > Extract all > select location for extracted folder. Once it extracts, run the President Infinity file in the extracted folder.

Windows playing notes: Use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game. If it hangs, use Ctrl + Alt + Del > Task Manager > Processes > Apps > Infinity > right-click > End task.

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade (if not, you can add a subscription here).

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page. The Beta will be listed under ‘Beta’.

To update:

Version information:

15 thoughts on “President Infinity Beta – v. 3.2.2”

  1. The favorability model for voter dynamics will probably be changed, instead having a simpler model more similar to how the game used to work.

    This is for several reasons.

    1. The voter dynamics emerging from the ‘bottom-up’ favorability dynamics aren’t working how I want them to work.

    2. The complexity of the favorability dynamics is slowing down the game.

    3. The complexity of the favorability dynamics is slowing down save-load.

    I’ll be looking at options that will allow for better voter dynamics, quicker game play and save-load, and still allow for voter blocs as a future feature.

  2. really fun! had 2 issues in the game:

    1. after I picked a VP, there was some sort of glitch where when trying to schedule their activities, it would just pick the activity as if it were the presidential nominee not the VP. This is after I scrolled to click my VP and still their debating skills/issue knowledge deteriorated. Very frustrating also since I couldn’t move them around to speeches or rallies.

    2. On November 1, 2020 as the game simmed to Election Day, the game froze and it went from saying 100% at the loading screen to saying 300% (or 400%? not sure) and the game just froze and had to reset computer. Very disappointing as I couldn’t finish and see the election results.

    Also would I be able to create my own candidate in this game or is the current beta not ready for that?

  3. The game is kinda unplayable to me without the primary and debate result screens, and also the time till election number next to the states when primaries are.

  4. Hi Anthony –

    Long time since I’ve checked in on here, thanks as always for your updates and reports on progress.

    So I am interested in doing a custom scenario (I’m on a Mac). I have two questions:

    (1) What is the latest stable release that would work well for making custom scenarios?

    (2) Will the scenario still work for updates to PI such as the ones you mentioned, or would I need to start over from scratch?

  5. Had some more issues/bugs when playing, mainly in the general election.

    After I won the nomination, there was no option at any point to get a VP nor were they in the game. The other time I played I had negotiated with another candidate for them to be VP and after that its as fine. In the current game when I got to the VP debate, the game loaded up to 28% and then totally froze.

    I had an issue on the summary page in the general election where part of my theme was attacking the other candidate. It ended up occasionally giving my opponent +4 momentum sometimes, while other times it would give them -4 or -8 momentum (as it should in the game). Even the rallies where it was listed as, “Success” it ended up giving +4 to my opppoent’s momentum. This happened multiple times while playing the general election

  6. Also, I can’t get this to open on my Macbook Air (2018, running Catalina). I get the following error:

    The application “President Infinity Beta” can’t be opened.

  7. I am having a problem (haven’t seen it listed before but may have missed it) when starting a game from the primaries – it doesn’t allow me to select a VP once the nomination is clinched. Then, in October when the VP debate is scheduled, when I advance to the next week it loads to 85%, then freezes and I can’t go any further. I believe the two problems are tied together.

  8. @Thr33,

    My apologies for missing this comment.

    “(1) What is the latest stable release that would work well for making custom scenarios?

    (2) Will the scenario still work for updates to PI such as the ones you mentioned, or would I need to start over from scratch?”

    1. Latest official release.
    2. For the port, most campaigns work. The only problem I am aware of at this point is certain campaigns have apparently improperly formatted bitmap images, and so the port doesn’t read them properly on Mac. There is an easy solution for this – run the campaign on Windows in the port, which then generates non-bitmap images which work properly. However, it has to be done on a case by case basis at this point in time. Hopefully, there will be ~100% campaign compatibility with the port and pre-port versions.

  9. Anthony – Thanks for the response. Do you have a version number for the release you mentioned in one (1)?

  10. @John,

    Thanks for this feedback and my apologies for the delay in responding – notification again was sent to my spam folder for some reason.

    The first issue should be fixed with 3.2.4. I’ve noted the other bug.

  11. @Dakota,

    Days until primaries option added with 3.2.4. Feedback noted re debate and primary results screens. Note you get the results in your Notes Screen as well.

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