President Infinity Beta – v. 1.0.8

President Infinity Beta v. 1.0.8 for Windows and Mac has been released!

This release adds 7 days per turn as an option, you can now select your Veep or Surrogates for activities, you can now improve campaign attributes, adds an in-between turn screen, and more!

Note: a Beta release is a pre-official release, for people wishing to test the product. It is not complete. See notes below. This version will not overwrite your existing official release install, so you can test the Beta release while still playing your previously installed official release.

Version Beta 1.0.8 adds

  • Main Screen > fixed bug where Issue Knowledge button didn’t work properly
  • Main Screen > Activities > added labels indicating how many activities added (for example, ‘x1’ for Barnstorming)
  • Main Screen > Activities > added labels indicating action time to create (for example, ‘1/5’ for days left to create Surrogate)
  • Players Screen > can now improve campaign attributes
  • Strategy Screen > fixed glitch where if ran ad, then went to Strategy Screen, would show, for example, ‘ad turn 1/7’
  • Main Screen > Activities > added edit buttons (solves problem with not being able to edit activity once scheduled 3 of same kind on a day)
  • Strategy Screen > fixed bug where start game, restart game, go to Strategy Screen, click down arrow, doesn’t update properly
  • added in-between turn screen
  • Sim Screen > now updates info as sim run
  • Sim Screen > added ‘Stop Sim’ button
  • Sim Screen > if click Close Button while sim running, will stop sim instead, can click Close Button again to close screen
  • Main Screen > Activities > can now select Veep or Surrogates
  • Main Screen > added 7 days per turn system
  • added Options Screen, so can toggle 7 days per turn
  • Options Screen > added 7 Days Per Turn toggle

I am not looking for feedback on the game unless it relates to core game functionality (basic things you can’t do in the game, crashing, bugs, things that obviously don’t look right).

You cannot load user designed campaigns. No save-load. No Editor. It may crash or have other bugs.

Installation instructions:

Mac: download (see below) and double click on the zip file once downloaded. Right click on the extracted app and select New Terminal at Folder. Type in ‘cd Contents/MacOS’, press enter. Then type in ‘chmod +x *’, press enter. Then control-click on the app. Select ‘Open’ from the context menu (this is required the first time it is run).

Windows: download (see below) the zip file > right-click > Extract all > select location for extracted folder. Once it extracts, run the President Infinity file in the extracted folder.

Windows playing notes: Use Alt + Tab to switch back to your other apps when in the game. If it hangs, use Ctrl + Alt + Del > Task Manager > Processes > Apps > Infinity > right-click > End task.

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade (if not, you can add a subscription here).

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download at the link below. After entering your e-mail, click the link to the web page. The Alpha will be listed under ‘sneak-peek’.

To update:

Version information:

8 thoughts on “President Infinity Beta – v. 1.0.8”

  1. The next big thing will be save-load. Highscores might be implemented before that, though.

    Note that the user-interface will continue to be upgraded once the game is released officially. Hover help similar to the existing official release’s will also be added at some point.

  2. Maybe (probably) I missed this earlier, but broad-picture, once all is said and done, what will be the benefit of all this rebuilding?

  3. @David,

    The immediate reason is macOS Catalina (and forward) compatibility.

    However, this shift leads to significant development benefits, as it’s a better language and development environment for productivity (C++ -> C#) and technological framework (.NET and Unity), which will make adding features quicker.

    Another major benefit is easier deployment for other operating systems (not just now macOS Catalina, but iOS, Android, Linux, and potentially Chrome in the future).

    Unity also makes a graphics-rich game much easier. Initially, I am more or less just porting what exists in the current official release, but once that is done, you will probably start seeing more in terms of graphics. Unity also makes having complex sounds and music easier, and adding multiplayer easier.

  4. Will this be compatible with user scenarios developed in the older version? I’m not sure whether I should bother continuing my 2020 scenario if I’m going to have to start over.

  5. Is there any indication as to when we can start playing user-designed scenarios again? I have a Mac and have not been able to play the game in ages due to the update and I am holding off on renewing my subscription until I know I can actually play scenarios. Thanks.

  6. @David,

    Yes, it should be compatible with user designed campaigns from previous versions. I’ll be enabling that soon, perhaps with the update after the next one.


    You can play all the official campaigns. User-designed campaigns best guess is with the update after the next one.

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