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  1. Suggestions for PI campaigns:
    – 2008 campaign/republican primaries : Jeb Bush and Fred Thompson have same colors
    – 2016 campaign/republican primaries : Huckabee and John Kasich have same colors. Christie and Fiorina have same colors. 3 frontrunners (Rubio, Trump and Carson) have very similar colors. Could you please change that ?
    – 2020 campaign : update Ted Cruz portrait (now he has that little beard … )
    – 2020 campaign/republican primaries: why has Romney 0 % ? In polls he gets around 10 % … (http://mclaughlinonline.com/pols/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/National-Monthly-Omnibus-February-1.pdf)
    – 2012 campaign/republican primaries: could you please ad more candidates (Trump, Huckabee, Bush, Palin,…). Christie is the only “off” default candidate.

  2. With Sanders endorsing Biden, I think you can expand his and Warren’s accepted endorsement platform to allow Center Left.

  3. Hello again, I’ve been trying to contact you guys on refund and never got response back. Your site says FULL guarantee refund I’d like a refund please.

  4. So disappointed … 20 days ago I have posted this comment, still no answser recieved … no neews for updates … still so many improvements to do in campaigns and no answers …

  5. @Rophil,

    Thanks for this, and my apologies for not replying. These are noted. The big priority right now is the port. Once that’s done, these sorts of changes will be prioritized.

  6. So you’ll reply to Rophil but you won’t reply to me? I’ve been trying to get a refund and still NO RESPONSE this is UNACCEPTABLE. All I want is a REFUND. Can you PLEASE REPLY!! I’ve tried to email and you never respond!

  7. @FuturePrez,

    Your e-mail will be gotten to – thank you for your patience on this.

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