Port to new tool-chain update

The Infinity games are being ported to a new tool-chain. Basically, this means all the basic technologies used to make the game are being changed. This is so the games can run on not just Windows and pre-Catalina Mac operating systems, but Mac’s Catalina and also potentially iPads and Android tablets. The new tool-chain should also make development quicker, have fewer bugs, and make certain new features easier to implement (such as networking).

This port has been underway since the summer. It involves rewriting all the code in the games. The game engine has been successfully ported, the code for campaigns has been ported, and the user interface code in now being ported.

The user interface port is well underway. There was initially a steep learning curve, but now I am generally able to port a screen about every 2-3 days. The Start Screen, About, Select Campaign, Select Leader, Main, Strategy, Electoral Info (Constituency), Ads, Theme, Notes, and a few others, are basically done.

There is still quite a bit to go. The initial release will be a rough cut to start getting feedback. Graphics won’t be finalized, some things will lack polish, not all functionality will be there, and the Editor will not be included. My best guess is that this initial release will be in early February.

Thanks everyone for your support! This is the most difficult project I have undertaken, but it is about 80% of the way to initial release.

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