United Kingdom – 2019 is coming

United Kingdom – 2019 for Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. will be released soon. Anyone who purchases the game now will receive 2019 when it is released. All existing U.K. owners on subscription will also receive the 2019 campaign.

Boris vs. Corbyn vs. Swinson vs. Farage vs. Sturgeon. A snap election to decide Brexit has been called. What will U.K. voters decide? It’s up to you!

2 thoughts on “United Kingdom – 2019 is coming”

  1. Exciting! Can’t wait to play. Something i do wish to bring up is negotiations when theirs a hung parliament. Parties never seem to negotiate with each other. So because of this its up to player to do something and sometimes you can’t. After 2019 releases, could the team look into this?

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