Infinity games port update

I have now run a full game with the new tool-chain, with no errors in Sim mode.

It’s now a matter of filling in the user-interface details, the hard work has already been done for the most part, and my best-guess for completion is still January.

The language powering the games is now C# (from C++). Having worked 19 years with C++, I can say that C# is a joy. Hats off to Anders Hjelsberg and his team – they’ve done a fantastic job. Basically every complaint I had about C++ is gone with C#. Every place where I would say “It should be done this way” C# does it that way. Combined with Visual Studio (the main IDE for C# coding), it is highly productive, and should mean quicker development and fewer bugs going forward.

The visual side of things is now being done in Unity. Unity is nice because it allows for fully featured graphics and sound, and pretty straightforward user-interface development, while being able to deploy to basically any widely used operating system. This means not just Windows and Mac but (potentially) iOS and Android.

The learning curve has been very steep, but is now becoming less steep.

Thanks everyone for your patience on this!

7 thoughts on “Infinity games port update”

  1. Would it be possible in the future to add the ability to select and drag down, selecting multiple regions at once for ad purposes? Alternatively, could you add a toggle that’s similar to targeting but gives no benefits other then letting you mass select a group at regions at once. Especially in the UK Scenario where their are alot of seats, would save alot of clicking.

  2. Thanks for this update. Really looking forward to the continuing development of these excellent games. Particularly excited by potential for iPad version!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. So, once this switch is made, will that cut back on some of these errors, like having too big a file, or NAN not being a currency?

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