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  1. Here’s something I’d recommend using for the polling, a MRP poll by the organisation Best for Britain. Obviously not perfect but better than anything else out there at the moment.


    I’ve also personally started compiling a list of confirmed candidates which might be of use, though every seat should have confirmed list by local councils between to 14th and 16th of November: http://williamten.ch/ppcs

  2. @anthony_270admin

    So the Brexit Party has decided not to run in Conservative held seats and various smaller remain party’s have decided not to run against one another in roughly 60 seats. Will we be able to these pacts off completely, or in the alternative negotiate more comprehensive pacts for example where Labour joins the remain pact or the Conservatives stand aside in seats favorable to the Brexit party?

    This set lets you play around with potential pacts https://flavible.co.uk/userprediction

  3. @Christopher,

    No, allowing that sort of complexity is not something I can add that quickly.

    The campaign will start with the parties running where they have announced they are running.

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