President Infinity next release v. 3.1.1b

President Infinity v. 3.1.1b for Windows and Mac has been released!

This update continues to update 2020, including adding latest polling (Warren increase), adds a September 25th, 2019 start date, turns Bill de Blasio to ‘off’, and more.

Note: it will say 3.1.1 as the version. You can confirm you have 3.1.1b if the 2020 campaign has the option of a September 25th, 2019 start date for the primaries.

Note: this version changes spacebarring to close various screens to ‘n’.

More info here.

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade (if not, you can add a subscription here).

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below. From the e-mail, click the link to the web page.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous release (v. 3.1.1).

  • Polls > Democratic primaries > US, GA, NY, CA, AZ, NJ, IA, MO, CA, MD, NH, GA, NV
  • added September 25th, 2019 start date
  • set start and end date for Bill De Blasio’s campaign, set him to ‘off’ by default. 
  • reordered order of Dem candidates
  • Endorsers > Bezos > Issue > LGBT -> Trump Support
  • Endorsers > removed Ross Perot, Koch Bros. -> Charles Koch
  • updated Warren images

32 thoughts on “President Infinity next release v. 3.1.1b”

  1. I know I’ve mentioned this on almost every update in the past couple weeks, but state bonuses still don’t work.

  2. Warren is closer to 20% and Sanders is at 17% in a lot of polls. She’s narrowly out polling in that regard. Other than that, I like the new update. Good job on this Mr, Burgoyne.

  3. @Christos it is probably because the AI isnt affected until the actual primaries start. They probably arent told they are doing bad until they actually fail to get delegates or only get a few before they are programed to decided to drop out. But thats my theory, i dont really know. Plus it would get a little boring if a lot of candidates

  4. Hi Anthony, I bought Canada 2019 yesterday and the version it gave me is 3.10. Shouldn’t I gotten 3.11 or is it still not ready yet, apparently this version came out on Aug 28 which is a month ago, but the election is only 3 weeks away. Is there something I’m missing?

  5. @Christos,

    It’s tricky to simulate which candidates will drop out early. Often, there are factors outside the campaign that cause them to do this. I’ll think about this.

  6. @Christopher,

    Are you referring to the %s you see on the Select Campaign screen, before a game begins? Those are estimates, and sometimes (as in this case) they’re a bit different from what they are once an actual game is created. The %s once a game is created for a Sep. 25th or later start date should be similar to the ones in the screenshot above.

  7. im not sure if something was changed with the AI in this update but after just a turn or two weird things happen like beto will jump 10-15 in iowa, and biden will jump 20 in new hampshire and this was mostly fixed in the 3.1.1 for me?

  8. Caden I have noticed these wild swings too. And @anthony_270admin are you going to fix the fundraising numbers? Seems like a simple fix to me. Makes the game unrealistic.

  9. @Christopher, can you be more specific re fundraising numbers?

    @Caden, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  10. @Caden, there were no relevant changes made between 3.1.1 and 3.1.1b in terms of voter dynamics. Could just be that certain candidates manage to get high levels of momentum?

  11. I raised this issue before about candidates for example like mayor pete only having one million when he has raised like 19 million in Q3

  12. So I edited the new 2020 campaign to make “Observer” have lots of money, lots of CPs, and high rankings on Ads, Spin, and Research.

    I played as Observer and spun the hell out of Trump scandals, helped Biden stories, dropped loads of ads and scandals in the final days. Trump’s momentum was down to -16 and Biden’s was -2. And it was tied on election day (oddly enough). Trump won 52-48.

    Is that built into the game? Or did I tamper too much and throw things off?

  13. @Brandon,

    I don’t know exactly how this campaign went, so it’s tough for me to say. Did Biden have significant positive momentum during the campaign?

  14. also maybe the campaign fundraising numbers could be reworked a lil next update? For example Biden and Bernies numbers are the same at 5, but Bernie raised significantly more last quarter despite being third, Warren and Pete’s could also maybe be a bit higher?

  15. Playing on Mac, whenever I go to move state it opens up the strategy menu. The game is also very laggy, an issue I’ve never had before nor have with other games with much higher usage. This update has made the game almost unplayable.

  16. Hey, is the D’ Hondt method planned as a feature? Will we be able to apply it to the districts and not only the municipalities? I’m doing a Portugal mod with a friend of mine and I would love to know
    Thanks for reading

  17. @anthony_270admin Is there any way to implement it ingame somehow? I tried messing around with the files but I couldn’t find it. Thanks

  18. @anthony_270admin Okay no problem. Thank you very much for your fast answers! So glad I bought one of your games

  19. Hi, Anthony, there will be any new electoral system in future different from FPTP and Preferencial systems?

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