2020 Events

Here is a working list of events to be added to the United States – 2020 campaign.

This is a starting point – feedback welcome on events to add, events that shouldn’t be there, or what the effects of an event should be.

The events listed go back to June 10th, 2019 which is currently the earliest starting date available in the official 2020 campaign.

Effects can be for one or more issue positions, leaders, vice-leaders, or parties. They can effect momentum (+ or -) and finances. They can also raise the profile of an issue or move the issue center.

June 2019

  • 10 (earliest start date)
  • 12 – Florida bans sanctuary cities, becomes 12th state to do so
  • 20 – Iran shoots down American drone over Strait of Hormuz
  • 25 – San Francisco first city to ban e-cigarettes
  • 27 – Supreme Court rules 5-4 redistricting issues must be left to the state and Congress rather than to the courts
  • 30 – Pres. Trump becomes first sitting president to set foot in North Korea in visit with Kim Jong Un

July 2019

  • 1 – Protesters storm Hong Kong legislature in response to China’s anti-extradition bill
  • 4 – Independence Day!
  • 6 – Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, with connections to both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, arrested for sex trafficking
  • 11 – Dow Jones exceeds 27,000 points for first time in history
  • 12 – Sec. of Labor Acosta resigns amid controversy over former prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein in 2007 
  • 16 – House votes 240-187 to condemn Pres. Trump’s remarks directed at four Congresswomen
  • 17 – Mexican drug lord El Chapo sentenced to life in prison 
  • 19 – Pres. Trump disavows ‘Send her back’ chants at his North Carolina rally
  • 24 – Boris Johnson becomes the new British PM
  • 24 – Robert Mueller warns of threat to election security at a press conference
  • 25 – A.G. Barr reinstates federal death penalty 
  • 25 – Sen. McConnell blocks bill designed to improve election security 
  • 28 – Mass shooting in Gilroy, CA kills 4 and wounds 12

August 2019

  • 2- Trump withdraws US from Cold War-era INF Treaty with Russia
  • 3 – 22 people killed in mass shooting in El Paso, TX, 24 others wounded
  • 4 – 10 people killed and 27 injured in another mass shooting in Dayton, OH
  • 8 – Historically large immigration raid results in 680 arrests in Mississippi
  • 10 – Jeffrey Epstein kills himself in Manhattan jail while awaiting trial for sex trafficking
  • 14 – Dow Jones plunges over 500 points
  • 15 – Israel denies entry to two Congresswomen Omar, Tlaib after they support boycotts of Israel
  • 16 – Denmark P.M. rejects Trump’s suggestion of sale of Greenland to U.S.
  • 22 – CNN reports that two dozen people have been arrested in one weekend for threatening mass shootings 
  • 31 – 7 people killed and 21 wounded in Midland-Odessa mass shooting

September 2019

  • 2 – Labor Day!
  • 3 – British MPs take control of the UK government from PM Boris Johnson in an attempt to delay Brexit 
  • 3 – Walmart stops selling handgun ammunition in its stores
  • 4 – CNN holds 7-hour town hall on climate change
  • 6 – Hurricane Dorian makes landfall in North Carolina
  • 7 – Trump calls off peace talks with Taliban
  • 7 – Trump criticized for inviting Taliban to Camp David on eve of 9/11 anniversary 
  • 10 – Pres. Trump fires John Bolton as National Security Advisor
  • 14 – Two Saudi oil refineries destroyed by Houthi militants from Yemen; Pres. Trump and Sen. Graham blame Iran for aiding in the attacks; half of Saudi oil production is halted
  • 14 – Justice Kavanaugh hit with new allegations of sexual misconduct
  • 15 – Pres. Trump and Sen. Graham defend Kavanaugh amid calls for his impeachment 
  • 16 – Democratic candidates ramp up calls for Kavanaugh’s impeachment

10 thoughts on “2020 Events”

  1. It is the right for a state to set standards for it’s individual regulations is it not?
    Why did we have a Civil War as to decide these challenges.
    Big Business wants it’s our rules & how long will it be before fossil fuel use will
    be a thing of the pass right?We are not living in the 20th Century any more correct?

  2. Biden’s bizarre weekend at the Iowa state fair in mid/late August (forget the exact date) was an important event in this campaign as it was really starting there that the mental acuity questions began to get raised in a widespread way.

  3. @Toby,

    Ya, those are a bit tricky for the purpose of scripted events, because they might properly be considered internal to the campaign. For example, he’s barnstorming with low energy and gets a negative news story. If it is actually that Biden is having symptoms of a health issue beyond just getting tired easily and making slip-ups on the campaign trail, then it could be considered an external event.

  4. For rest of September:

    18 – President Donald Trump revokes California’s authority to set its own auto emission standards

    19 – Gun manufacturer Colt will stop producing rifles such as the AR-15 for personal use

    19 – Report: Trump repeatedly pressed Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son.

    20 – 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thurnberg leads climate change protests across the US

    21 – Pres. Trump sends troops ot Saudi Arabia and UAE in response to attacks on Saudi oil refineries.

    21 – Vice President Mike Pence ignores a century-old tradition that prohibits motor vehicles on Mackinac Island, Michigan, when he sent an eight-car motorcade to a Republican Party meeting.

    23 – Russia formally adopts the Paris climate agreement.

    24 – UK Supreme Court rules PM Johnson’s suspension of Parliament unlawful.

    24 – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry against Pres. Trump.

    25 – White House releases Ukraine phone call transcript amid impeachment push.

    26 – Whistleblower’s Complaint Released; Democrats claim “Smoking Gun”

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