President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 3.0.7

President Infinity v. 3.0.7 sneak-peek for Windows and Mac has been released!

This sneak-peek continues to update 2020 (including turning Bullock, Bennet, and De Blasio to ‘on’ by default, latest polling, greatly increasing VP options for declared Democratic candidates, setting Biden’s default VP choice to Stacey Abrams, and more), and adds a preset color picker for parties to the Editor.

Note: this version changes spacebarring to close various screens to ‘n’.

(Note: for goals for this release cycle, Summer 2019, see here.)

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below. From the e-mail, click the link to the web page. On the web-page, there will be a ‘Sneak-peek’ link.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous sneak-peek (v. 3.0.4).

  • 2020
    • Bullock, Bennet, and De Blasio -> ‘on’
    • Added former Sen Maj Leader Tom Daschle as surrogate for Biden
    • Added new VA, NH, SC, NV, PA, IA, and United States Dem Primary polls
    • Added new general election poll Biden vs Trump in PA (two of them) and MI
    • Added Monmouth Dem Primary US poll 5/23
    • Deleted VP options Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill
    • Increased VP options greatly for the declared 2020 candidates
    • Default VP choice for Biden is now Stacey Abrams
    • SC May 28th Dem primary poll, CA May 30th Dem primary poll, June 4 US Dem primary poll, June 4 NC Dem primary poll, June 5 TX Dem primary poll
    • Added Trump vs Biden polls for NC and TX from June 4 and 5, respectively
    • Added June 8, IA Dem Primary
    • Added Sen. Jon Tester as surrogate for Steve Bullock
    • Changed Jason Kander’s title from “Mayor” to “Capt.”
  • Editor > Parties > added preset color picker

37 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 3.0.7”

  1. Game crashed twice midway through playing primaries. I get a “memory full” error and am forced to exit.

  2. @anthony is it still normal for undecideds to rise to like 50% throughout the primaries? If so when is the ETA for a fix? The game is great otherwise!

  3. @Chad,

    Are you saying the undecideds are rising to those numbers, or are you asking if they do?

  4. @Chad,

    That part of the game dynamics has not changed from 3.0.4. I agree that 50% undecideds seems too high, although in a highly fractured primaries it might not be unrealistic.

  5. You may have to update it again. A 25th Democratic candidate is running for President. Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania. Just an FYI.

  6. Is this update free for those who have been playing this awesome game since the mid 2000’s? I have always been able to update for free but wanted to know?! Thanks for keeping it awesome!

  7. @Brandon,

    The games switched to subscription about a year ago. All existing customers were grandfathered in for at least 3 months (or up to 12 months, depending on when they purchased).

  8. A new version for Windows, 3.0.8, has been released. This fixes a load game bug. Anyone who is experiencing those problems, please download the new version and let me know if it fixes it. (You can load v. 3.0.7 save games and, although it will notify you it’s from a different version, it should work properly.)

  9. @Anthony After watching the Democratic debates last nights, I do think Warren debating attribute should be strengthen from 6 to 7, and Kamala Harris from 6 to 8.
    I also do believe O’Rourke debate attrbute should be degraded from 5 to 4.

  10. @Anthony Other changes from debates about debating attributes :
    Klobuchar : from 7 to 6
    Castro : from 5 to 7
    Booker : from 5 to 6

  11. State bonuses don’t seem to be working at all. As a test I gave Trump a 100% bonus in Michigan and all it did was add a couple extra people to the 70 favorability category and remove some from the 60 favorability category. Also, ideologue seems to have no effect on when candidates withdraw from the primaries.

  12. Game crashed for me, using the 3.0.8 version. No edits, spacebarring, using all the default options.

    Game stalled twice, giving me the “wait or quit?” error. I opted to wait and the game continued both times.

    But around late October/early November game closed without warning or throwing any error boxes.

    May or may not be related: Nevada is still messed up, polls show a completely even 24-way tie in Nevada, even for candidates who poll at 0% elsewhere. This has been an error for a long time.

  13. Using the 3.0.8 version the game crashed in early February with an error message saying something like “Access violation at address… in module… Read of address…” while playing a saved game (autosave off).
    I would also suggest improving computer players as even when setting the difficulty as hard, it seems too easy to win (for example, most of the other candidates do not air ads and constantly receive negative press like “xy not on campaign trail”).

  14. @Greg, do you still have the save game that produces this error? Is it from playing an official campaign?

  15. @Anthony, yes I do have the saved game that produces the error and it is an edited version of the 2020 campaign.

  16. For what it’s worth, I’ve pinpointed the two problems I’m encountering. Maybe this is already known, but:

    1) Game stalling/suddenly shutting down without warning: This problem goes away when I turn off all the Democrat candidates polling at 1% or lower. Therefore, it seems to be a problem of too many default candidates in play.

    2) Nevada polling getting corrupted, with all 24 candidates suddenly tied for first place (even those that usually poll at 0%): This seems to be tied to the start date. When I use the August 1 date, Nevada’s poll goes haywire a few weeks in. When I go with the November start, it seems to be flawless.

  17. I’m currently playing through a game as John Delaney. There appears to be a few issues related to endorsers.

    1) To get his wife as a surrogate, you have to use PIP points. The same is also true after he was endorsed by Bill Clinton.

    2) Have you considered making spouses/family members unlimited? Seems unrealistic to me that they would suddenly stop campaigning for a week after a certain number of days.

    3) Have you considered making a difficulty level beyond Hard? Even at the Hardest level, I sometimes find the play-through to be a bit easy.

  18. @Matt,

    1. Noted – thanks for this.

    2. The days to create for Surrogates in part reflects work required to keep them up to speed and coordinated with the campaign, so the intent here is not so much that they would stop campaigning as that additional campaign resources are required for them to be able to continue campaigning. Sometimes, though, surrogates are made to be effectively unlimited, and family members are good candidates for that. We’ll see.

    3. 🙂

  19. @Rophil,

    Thanks for these – we’ve edited some of the Debating attributes based on the debates, largely along the same lines as your suggestions.

  20. The percentage to qualify for debates should probably be changed to a float/double instead of an int. Although the first debate requires 1% in 3 polls, that doesn’t mean you actually have 1% support – it’s more of a 0.2%. The debate threshold box let me input 0.2%, but the game crashed because it wasn’t an integer value. Any plans to allow non ints for the threshold?

  21. How does one update their game to include Sestak? You told me what to do on twitter, but I am unsure what you meant by “download the latest internal version”. Thank you!

  22. @Mark,

    The latest internal means it hasn’t been released yet. An update with Sestak will probably happen within a week.

  23. @Rophil,

    Those are newer but don’t look as good. In my opinion neither Warren nor Booker look that different now as opposed to 6 years ago.

  24. @Anthony ok for portraits, I understand, it was just a suggestion to make the game more pleasant.
    I aslo have already asked for this, but please could you change the candidates colors for 2008, 2012 and 2016 presidential campaigns? Rubio/Carson/Trump colors are very similar, and 2012 ans 2008 Colors are from 2008 president forever… the new suggested colors from lattest updates are a good base for that on my opinion. Thank you very much

  25. Hey, 1. I am brand new to the game, and I am encountering several issues due to crashing. I am playing the 2.8.2 version. I always start at the earliest start date with the most candidates turned as undecided as I could to emulate as much randomness as I could. Except for those who were already declared. I have had several games where the game will fail to render and will crash and i will not be able to load again because “failure to find pathway” (windows comp) that being said. I love the game and would be very interested in multiplayer options in the future as my twin brother also likes this game so far. Also I would like to see a map of the 2016 candidates or any year where both parties were up for grabs that start with no polling in every state and only the organization and infrastructure that your home state starts with. I really live the game but it really is starting to bother me with all the crashes I’m having. Maybe I’m forgetting to do something. Thanks for making this great game!

  26. @Daniel,

    First, upgrade to the latest sneak-peek version (3.0.9 as of now).

    Second, start the game at a later date and play with fewer players turned on. This will decrease the memory usage, which might be causing the crash.

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