Goals for next releases – Summer 2019

All features are goals, not promises. All dates are estimates. List subject to revision. Summer 2019 cycle is to approximately September 1st, but there will be releases before that with some of the features.

  • Networking is planned for Autumn 2019, and applies for all products.
  • Voting blocs is also planned, probably for Winter 2019.

All Infinity games

  1. Port to new tool-chain (will allow for continued cross-platform releases).
  2. New polling system (created by actual random sampling of population which is now modeled at a low level in game engine, different pollsters with different biases release public polls which player can then weight accordingly, can release internal polls to drive news).
  3. New graphs system (improved charts, works with new polling system including creating best-fits for multiple polls).

President Infinity

  1. Continue to update 2020.
  2. Add California Governor – 2018.
  3. Release cumulative changes in latest sneak-peek as official.
  4. Primaries > Can view hypothetical head-to-head match-ups for %s, seats, pop. vote (depends on new polling system, and expands the ability to select the candidate viewing from each party’s primaries introduced in Autumn 2018 but which was only available for Favorability and Momentum).

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada

  1. Add Newfoundland and Labrador – 2019.
  2. Add Canada – 2019.

Because the games will be ported to a new tool-chain, which is required to continue cross-platform capabilities, Networking and Voting Blocs have been pushed back. How long the port will take is a significant amount of guesswork, but my hope is it will be done within a few months. The plan is for the new polling and graphs systems to be implemented and released using the new tool-chain once the port is completed.

Feedback welcome!

21 thoughts on “Goals for next releases – Summer 2019”

  1. Note: updated text “The plan is for the new polling and graph systems to be implemented and released using the new tool-chain before the port is completed” to “once the port is completed”.

    Added Canada – 2019 to Prime Minister Infinity – Canada list.

  2. Note that porting to a new tool-chain won’t affect campaigns. All existing campaigns that work on the Infinity games should continue to work after the port without any changes.

  3. Please could you update the candidates Colors for 2008 and 2016 president infinity campaigns ? That would make the game so much pleasant. 2008 Colors are very old (from president forever I think) and for 2016, I find Trump / Carson / Rubio Colors very similar … the suggested Colors from the last update are a really good base

  4. When you click on strategy, and then click on a region, it would be nice to have a “fly to” icon there. This way you don’t have to go back to “actions”, then click the “fly to” icon, and then find that region again.. Eliminates a step, and creates a smoother game play.

  5. Playing the 2020 Sneak Peak and VP Biden is in extreme negatives with every democratic endorser.

  6. @Jason,

    Ya, a way to do leader activities on the Strategy > Constituency screen would be nice – we’ll see.

  7. @Marcus, thanks for this – I’ll attempt to replicate it. Does this happen consistently?

  8. @Mark,

    It’s in the latest internal, which will be released probably within a week or so.

  9. I always get “Out of memory” bug causing it to crash when I’m playing either of the Infinity games…Fix those first plz! What’s the point of paying subscription if we can’t play the games properly????

  10. @Eddy,

    Can you tell me which of the Infinity games you are getting this on? What operating system are you using?

  11. @anthony

    Canada, UK and US infinity versions all have the same issues. I’m on Windows 10. I’ve also emailed your team as well.

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