macOS and the Infinity games

Note: this is relevant for macOS versions of President Infinity, Prime Minister Infinity (U.K. and Canada), and Congress Infinity.

Summary: I am porting the game to a new tool-chain, in order to continue to have cross-platform capabilities including macOS once the new macOS version is released (presumably this autumn). However, this port may not be completed by the time of the next macOS release. Therefore, if when the new macOS version is released this autumn you update your Mac, the game may not work until the port is completed.

We introduced macOS (then called OS X) for President Infinity back in 2014, after lots of requests from Mac users, and since then have maintained dual Windows and Mac versions of the Infinity games.

The most recent version of macOS is Mojave. There will probably be a new version of macOS released this autumn. Apple has announced Mojave (the current one) will be the last to support 32-bit apps.

President Infinity (and the other Infinity games) is a 32-bit app. The tool chain currently used to create President Infinity (and the other Infinity games) for macOS only allows for 32-bit apps. There is no capability for 64-bit apps available with the current cross-platform tool chain used to create President Infinity, and no capability in the immediate future.

This means that, for people who update to the next macOS version after Mojave, the Infinity games may no longer run.

If you use Windows, there will be no change in the immediate future. The games should continue to work, and updates will be done regularly.

If you use Mac, the game will continue to be updated for Mac until further notice. However, they will be in 32-bit, so if or when you update to the next macOS version, the games may no longer run.

Note that there may be simple workarounds for this if upgrading to the macOS version after Mojave, whether provided by Apple or by 3rd parties – right now, I don’t know.

In summary, Mac updates will continue for the foreseeable future, but if you plan to update to the version of macOS after Mojave, they may not run on your system when you do so.

There is little I can do in the short-term to allow for macOS 64-bit compatibility. However, I am porting the Infinity games to a different tool chain, such that they will work on macOS for 64-bit. The port may not be completed by the release of the next macOS version. I will announce updates on this when I have more information, but my hope is that the port will be completed by the end of this year.

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