Adding Instant-Runoff to Prime Minister Infinity

Here’s a screenshot from the latest internal Prime Minister Infinity, which includes Instant-Runoff (also known as Ranked Choice or Preferences) as an option, set to ‘on’ here in the Australia 2016 campaign.

There is now a drop-down box where you can select to show poll %s and seat projections for straightforward FPP, FPP with Instant-Runoff applied for relevant constituencies, and FPP with 2 Candidate Instant-Runoff applied for all constituencies.

14 thoughts on “Adding Instant-Runoff to Prime Minister Infinity”

  1. @Nyplayer,

    Perhaps, but no immediate plans to add it. Maine might add ranked choice for choosing a Presidential elector, and if so, that’s another reason to add it to PI.

  2. Nice! Looking forward to this as I’m making a scenario where the fictional country uses preferences for elections! Keep up the great work! This will also allow more historical Australian scenarios! Any estimated time until sneak preview or release of this update?

  3. Will the instant runoff be editable in the campaign editor? Or will it do it automatically based on percentages set in the campaign editor for candidates and constituencies?

  4. Instant-runoff voter flow will be set via the Editor. Might not make the first release, though, in which case will have to edit by hand if you want to change the values. The XML’s pretty straightforward in this case, though.

  5. Will instant runoff at least be in one of the other Prime Minister products, like UK or Canada? I am a HUGE proponent of this although to make it work with the electoral college will be tough.

  6. @David, Instant-Runoff will be in both PMI products (U.K. and Canada), which will both include Australia 2016 and 2019.

  7. @TLK,

    No change on this for previous versions, but I can’t remember the technical differences off hand – in some cases, yes, a coalition with multiple parties can be formed.

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