Preset colour picker added to Editor

In the latest internal, there is a preset colour picker in the Editor for Leaders.

There are currently 32 options. Simply select a checkbox, and that leader’s colours (light, medium, and dark) are set.

This becomes more useful when creating campaigns with large numbers of candidates, such as the Democratic 2020 primaries, which now has 20 candidates.

This will be included in the next President Infinity release.

12 thoughts on “Preset colour picker added to Editor”

  1. Now there will be 33 Democratic Candidates in 2020 running, so you’ll have to edit it again.

  2. Such great news ! Thanks for this good idea, it was really necessary. When will it be released ?

  3. This is a lifesaver. My 2020 scenario has exactly 32 candidates and the colors were so painful to do.

  4. If anyone has suggestions for additional preset colours, feel free to recommend.

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