President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 3.0.2, Windows and Mac

President Infinity v. 3.0.2 sneak-peek for Windows and Mac has been released!

This sneak-peek fixes several bugs, adds Andrew Yang to 2020, updates primary dates in 2020, and more.

Note: this version changes spacebarring to close various screens to ‘n’.

(Note: for goals for this release cycle, Spring 2019, see here.)

If you are a President Infinity owner on subscription (or if you purchased President Infinity within the last year), you are eligible for this upgrade.

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below. From the e-mail, click the link to the web page. On the web-page, there will be a ‘Sneak-peek’ link.

To update:

Version information:

What’s new in this upgrade from the previous sneak-peek (v. 3.0.1).

  • fixed bug that caused crashing when changed large number of issue positions and possibly other situations
  • fixed bug that could cause incorrect %s
  • fixed bug where if candidate also endorser, could unendorse self if changed too many issue positions
  • Player Info Screen > Platform > fixed bug where couldn’t change listing mode from Profile to Alphabetical
  • Surrogates > Create > fixed bug where certain surrogates weren’t appearing
  • Themes Screen > View All > text fits
  • 2020 > added Andrew Yang
  • 2020 > updates primary dates
  • 2020 > modified Romney %s in UT, NH, MA
  • 2020 > fixed color issue with Sanders and Warren
  • 2020 > Endorsers > DeSantis, Abrams, Dole > fixed surrogate names
  • 2020 > Gillum > blurb > ‘senatorial’ -> ‘gubernatorial’
  • 2020 > Endorsers > Cathy McMorris-Rodgers > Oregon -> Washington
  • 2020 > Endorsers > Amash > ‘Frm. Rep.’ -> ‘Rep.’
  • 2020 > altered Warren’s color to yellow
  • 2020 > removed all state bonuses (except on home states) from all candidates currently turned ‘on’
  • 2020 > O’Rourke > Surrogates > added Fmr Gov. Neil Abercrombie
  • 2020 > added Emerson Dem Primary Iowa poll Mar. 24, 2019
  • 2020 > added FoxNews Dem Primary US poll Mar. 24, 2019

46 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 3.0.2, Windows and Mac”

  1. Anthony, you need to focus some work fixing the third parties, in the general election, they all have 0’s in all their campaign stats which makes it impossible to get endorsers, impossible to spin news, and quite frankly, not very fun to play as.

    Related to my first point it seems all the Green Party candidates (and possible the Libertarians too, though I haven’t checked), have the same platform, the most egregious example being Jesse Ventura, who certainly is not for gun control, yet you have him calling for the banning of certain guns, among other errors, like for example I don’t think Ventura likes medicare for all, yet you have him down as far-left.

    Also there’s still no Mike Gravel.

  2. @Emiliano Zapata

    I’m actually helping Anthony with this scenario, since it is based off my base scenario. The 3rd party’s are actually turned “OFF” partially because we haven’t gotten to them yet. The Green Party candidates and their platforms aren’t well known outside of the general Green platform.

    Mike Gravel and any others will be added when they get 1% in a national poll.

    Until then, feel free to use the editor to amend Ventura. Better yet, you can let us know what you think his platform should be. Please provided any sources you use in creating his platform or any other Green Party member platforms.

    My assumption is that we probably won’t get to working on the Green or Libertarian Parties until sometime in the Summer when those parties start making the news with their candidates.

  3. It’s saying You can’t open the application “PI copy” because it may be damaged or incomplete? I’m using a mac.

  4. @Lucas, Williamson will probably be added soon, especially if she continues to get >= 1% in polls.

  5. @Christopher,

    Can you tell me the steps you take before you get that error (how you download it, and so on)?

  6. @Emiliano,

    It should be very difficult to win major endorsements and so on as, say, a Green party leader.

  7. Idealogue seems to be working backwards from how I thought it worked. Idealogue 10 means the AI would stay in for a long time despite going nowhere, while Idealogue 0 would be extremely likely to withdraw when things don’t go their way, right? The opposite is happening for me. Maybe I just misunderstood.

  8. Anthony,

    Why the spacebarring was changed to ‘n’? We were used to spacebarring. Can you change it again?

  9. @Andres,

    It was changed because the spacebar has standard functionality (such as clicking the button with the focus) on Windows and Mac.

    It took me a day to get used to the change.

  10. Anthony – Haven’t had a chance to play too much, but one glitch/problem so far:

    On Mac, when I went to simulate races (I just tried some 2020 matchups), the average/total figures on the top showed up, but not the individual sims below. Weirdly I could click on the blank spaces where the sim results would be, but I wasn’t able to see the results.

  11. Just a few comments on Trump and issues:

    Trump – Most issue positions are correct. LGBT rights should be center-left. Transgenders should be a separate issue.
    I think far right is a little harsh for Student Debt. He really hasn’t had much to say on the issue, I think he wants to lower student debt
    Supreme Court Nominations: Far right – “Conservative activist judge” is an oxymoron. I think if you’re going to make him “far right” then the “right” position should be changed to “far right”.
    War on Drugs is off. Trump has been very vocal about hard drugs in the argument for the border wall, but the war on drugs is another issue, he’s been in support for medical marijuana. He should be center or c-left.

  12. @SirLagsalott re Ideologue rating, I’ve noted this to look into – thanks for this feedback.

  13. Just wanted to first say, thank you for fixing the ability to load a saved game!

    One of the things I’ve experienced for quite a while is that my candidate is never invited to appear on any of the television shows. This obviously means my candidate is missing out on some positive news coverage. Is there a way to fix this?

  14. Hi @anthony_270admin,

    First, thanks for the frequent updates. Is this leading up to a new big release or is these micro-updates the way it will be from now on?

    But the main reason for my post is that in the dropdown screen for choosing states, whether it’s for ads or campaign strategy or others, the up-down buttons on the dropdown box don’t operate, neither does the mouse wheel to scroll up and down. The only way to change states is to click the box and use the up and down keys on the keyboard.

  15. @David re region choice drop down boxes, are you using Windows or Mac? Which drop down boxes exactly are you referring to? (For example, on the Ads Screen, is it the regions drop down box at the top of the screen?)

  16. @David “Is this leading up to a new big release or is these micro-updates the way it will be from now on?”

    Not sure what this means. The most recent updates have been to continue updating 2020 and fine-tuning the Favorability feature. There are major features planned – some updates will contain bigger changes than others.

  17. Hi Anthony-

    Loving 2020 scenario so far. It looks like the shading for Warren is backwards- darkest shades are displaying for her vulnerable states and vice versa. Only problem I’m encountering so far.

  18. @anthony_270admin The dropdown boxes I refer to are anywhere there’s a region selection. I’m using it on Windows but I will test other computers to see if the same problem happens.

  19. One more question: How does the software know where to look for saved user scenarios? On my laptop, they go to my OneDrive, on my desktop they go to my Documents folder. I’d like to, if possible, access on both from the same location, i.e. my OneDrive, but when I installed PI on my desktop, it won’t see the OneDrive folder. So I guess my question is, what logic does the program use to determine where to save/load user scenarios, and is it ever possible that we can adjust this manually? That’s probably one of the most annoying things for me right now. Otherwise, love the updates!

  20. Is there going to be alternate modes of allocating electoral votes, such as a proportional system?

  21. @anthony270_admin Update on the dropdown error. I tried deleting the game and re-installing and the problem still occurs, but only happens in-game.

    So the problem is thus: When accessing the region select dropdown-menu in game play (not in campaign editor), the up-down arrows do not work, neither does the mouse scroll bar. The list cannot be scrolled up and down. The only way to go up and down the list is to use the keyboard up/down arrows.

  22. I had been playing v3.0.1 for awhile (mostly playing around with campaign editor, trying to figure out new functionalities) but was seeing this error of sometimes at a regional or overall level, in a primary, the first 6 candidates all having exactly 1 vote and the rest having zero (very weird seeing this at a national level when the states had accurate numbers). I though maybe I messed something up doing edits in the xml files after modifying the campaign editor, but happened with the official 2020campaign also.

    I saw that v3.0.2 was out and had the bug fix: “fixed bug that could cause incorrect %s” and thought maybe this was that issue, but seems to still be a problem after I installed the update. Is anyone else having this issue?

  23. I’m still noticing some crazy results in the general election when running a game with primaries. When looking at the general map, I’m seeing almost all states colored the same. On one point when playing as a 3rd party in the primaries, I saw Trump leading in Connecticut, Maryland, and Washington, and Democrats leading in Texas, Alabama, and Mississipi. Once we get to the general, it changes a little bit but the maps still look off.

  24. @David,

    Voter dynamics are still being refined. The next update will have continued improvements.

  25. @Alex,

    I’ve seen that bug occasionally – the bug fix referred to was different, though.

  26. @David re dropdown boxes, thanks for this. I’m unable to recreate the bug, but have noted it for further testing.

  27. Anthony – Good to hear the undecideds issue is fixed in recent internals, thanks for fixing that.

    There was another issue (re:very vulnerable frontrunners). You mentioned this a couple updates ago:

    “Yes, this is known behaviour. I call it ‘dog-piling’. This will be addressed with 1. improved frontrunner AI to protect their lead, 2. Computer personality types including ‘Positive’ candidates who are less likely to attack, and 3. (eventually) Voting Blocs which make certain candidates’ bases of support more solid. There might be other things done to address this.”

    Wondering if you figured out the issue?

    BTW solution (2) is really interesting and there are a lot of possibilities). Other than positive/negative, what could personality types decide? Maybe aggressive/conservative (in terms of how many states to target)?

    Also one other question – so there have been a lot of town halls this cycle. I wonder if maybe in a future release (Summer or beyond), these could be treated like debate events, where there are major risk/reward opportunities? Maybe high profile interviews too (policy speeches could be given more prominence too). Not sure if I’m making sense, but I think this could be cool. I think you had mentioned that news sources available for spin have bias ratings – maybe if a candidate appears on an unfriendly network, the opportunities could be greater (like Dems appearing on town halls on Fox – potentially hostile questioning, but a greater audience seeing you if you do a good job).

  28. @Thr33,

    Town halls are a good idea – we’ll see.

    Re dog-piling, I’m continuing to refine voter dynamics with the new Favorability system and computer player AI. I think personality types to start will just be about attack-boast patterns for computer players. Positive, Tit-for-tat, Counter-puncher, Scorched-earth, are all possible types at this point.

  29. Re: dog-piling – one possible solution could be to reduce the effect of momentum overall, or reduce the effect of negative speeches/campaign stops/etc. by candidates with very low polling. 99.9% of voters won’t care if John Delaney criticizes Bernie, but the current game engine assigns similar weight and coverage to criticism from a Biden or Harris and criticism from Delaney

  30. @John Doe,

    Good point – part of the problem is minor candidates are overpowered if they focus on one region. We’ll see.

  31. @Lucas,

    Williamson is included and ‘on’ by default in the latest internal. Should be released this week or next week.

  32. @John Doe,

    Thinking more about this. One problem is that the game dynamics weren’t designed for a large number of candidates (20?!) all fighting it out in limited regions (i.e., early primary states).

    However, making it so candidates with lower %s don’t have much impact makes it not as fun to play them (and sometimes, they do gain traction and start having a significant effect). Hmmm …

  33. @John Doe,

    OK, I’ve found a bug with Barnstorming power for primaries barnstorming, that was giving higher barnstorming bonuses. This might be part of the solution to reducing the impact of weaker candidates.

  34. @Deian,

    Click the ‘Updates’ button on the game’s start screen. Then follow the prompts to get an e-mail. Click the download link. Click the President Infinity ‘sneak-peek’ link to download that version.

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