Goals for next releases – Spring 2019

All features are goals, not promises. All dates are estimates. List subject to revision. Spring 2019 cycle is to approximately June 1st, but there will be releases before that with some of the features.

  • Networking is planned for Summer 2019, and applies for all products.
  • Voting blocs is also planned, probably for Summer 2019.

President Infinity

  1. Features already in sneak-peek (Favorability, 0-10 Attributes, Map pop-up info, window resizability) to official.
  2. United States – 2020 (this campaign will then be updated as we move towards 2020). (delivered)
  3. New polling system (created by actual random sampling of population which is now modeled at a low level in game engine, different pollsters with different biases release public polls which player can then weight accordingly, can release internal polls to drive news).
  4. New graphs system (improved charts, works with new polling system including creating best-fits for multiple polls).
  5. Primaries > Can view hypothetical head-to-head match-ups for %s, seats, pop. vote (depends on new polling system, and expands the ability to select the candidate viewing from each party’s primaries introduced in Autumn 2018 but which was only available for Favorability and Momentum).
  6. California Governor – 2018 official campaign added.

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. and Canada

  1. See President Infinity 1. (delivered), 3., 4.
  2. Australian Preferences. (delivered)

Congress Infinity

  1. See President Infinity 1., 3., 4.

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25 thoughts on “Goals for next releases – Spring 2019”

  1. United States – 2020 will probably be released very soon as part of the sneak-peek, probably within 1 or 2 weeks.

  2. Great stuff, thanks Anthony

    Did you figure out those issues from last time (maps becoming hard to change after long primaries, and that issue of everybody going from D->R or R->D when one of the major parties doesn’t run)? The next release should be very exciting.

    Regarding blocs, how deep do you intend to go? For modern elections a profile of race/age/gender/education and urban/suburban/rural seems like it would cover everything in recent elections (actually you might not even need gender since there’s not a huge difference in different states in the ratio, and urban/suburban/rural can probably be approximated by education). Maybe religion too, especially for older elections? Or income? Seems like it could be fun, sounds like the user will be able to get a lot more data from polling.

    Speaking of polling, I have a question – how do computer opponents form their strategies? Do they have access to their own polling as well, or do they see the actual numbers for the whole electorate, or do they just see public numbers? Sorry if this is a basic question, just wondering what it’s like under the hood.

  3. “maps becoming hard to change after long primaries”

    The latest internal contains changes to address this, and I will be focusing more on this.

    “Regarding blocs, how deep do you intend to go?”

    There are important design questions about how this will work that haven’t been decided yet, but the general answer about how many different kinds of blocs is it’s up to the campaign designer.

    I believe computer players work with public polling data when forming their strategies.

  4. All really cool! Could there be a user guide or video regarding setting up polls that could be made; that’s one area where I’ve struggled in campaign creation & this seems like this will complicate things a little bit (in a good way) and so I want to make sure to be best equipped.

  5. For Prime Minister Infinity, How would preferences work?
    This looks like a good set of goals!

  6. @Theliberalkitten,

    The campaign designer has to set voter flows so the program can structure the electorate Favorability scores.

  7. Any plans to add more historical scenarios to Prime Minister Infinity, Prime Minister Infinity-Canada?

  8. @Theliberalkitten,

    Not currently. There’s enough coming up to have our hands full – we will probably add Alberta – 2019 and then Canada – 2019 later in the year. U.K. whenever an election happens.

  9. I continue to get game crashes and then when I try to open a saved game, it says it’s “Unable to read saved game”. I’ve been really frustrated the last several months with not being able to complete games.

  10. Anthony,

    Unfortunately the “Unable to read from game save file” problem is rearing its ugly head again. I’m still seeing a LOT of “Access violation at…” errors and there’s nothing more frustrating than starting a game in the primaries, getting all the way into October, then suddenly the game crashes and you can’t even load the last autosaved or manually saved game.

  11. @anthony_270admin I second @wahoowa91. I don’t want to suggest to you how to program, but I think some more user-friendly error-handling is in order. Can’t we get rid of all the “Access Violation Error” so if it’s caused by something that is our fault, bugs in the campaign, we can troubleshoot better?

  12. @Wahoowa91,

    Do you consistently get an error when attempting to save? Or is it only when attempting to load? (If the first, then the load error might be caused by an incomplete save operation.)

  13. @David,

    It depends on where the error is occurring. Save and load functions have error handling in them already I believe.

  14. I don’t get errors when saving, in general they only happen when loading. Occasionally I will get an error during AUTOSAVE saying “unable to write to game save file.” I wrote that off as a quirk, maybe another program is using that spot in the disk. But it leads me to suspect some memory leak problem.

  15. I’d love to be able to sort ads by date created, type, issue, etc. Also, a way to delete all used web ads would be helpful..

  16. @AJ,

    Thanks for this feedback – automating certain stuff related to ads would be useful, we’ll see.

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