Supreme Court Nomination issue positions preview

Here is a preview of the issue positions for the Supreme Court Nomination issue for Senate – 2018. Feedback welcome!

  • Far-left: Kavanaugh is a serial predator and perjurer! Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court will lead to the Handmaid’s Tale!
  • Left: Ford’s allegations are credible, and perhaps some of the other ones. There’s a pattern of misconduct and Kavanaugh’s temperament precludes him from the Supreme Court. His appointment will lead to the dismantling of Roe vs. Wade.
  • Center-left: Ford’s allegations are credible. An unfettered FBI investigation is called for. Kavanaugh’s temperament is questionable. His appointment will lead to the dismantling of Roe vs. Wade.
  • Center: Kavanaugh is probably a good person, and has a strong record, but an unfettered FBI investigation is warranted given the allegations.
  • Center-right: Kavanaugh is a good person with a very strong record as a judge, but a limited FBI investigation is warranted to fully clear his name.
  • Right: Kavanaugh has a stirling record and is a very good person. Democrats are running a con-job, the allegations aren’t corroborated or credible.
  • Far-right: Ford is a CIA operative working for McCabe! This is an attempted deep-state takedown of Trump’s nominee!


7 thoughts on “Supreme Court Nomination issue positions preview”

  1. For the ‘Right’ policy point, I think you wanted to put ‘sterling’ to describe said view on Kavanaugh’s record.

  2. A change to the “Far Left” position might be the idea that Kavanaugh needed to be resisted on principle, as his confirmation is seen as fully tipping the Supreme Court to the right for a few decades. If Republicans could refuse Garland, Dems should do the same, etc. Also maybe the belief that a President under investigation shouldn’t be making appointments.

    Basically, the Far Left position was that there were many reasons to reject Kavanaugh in addition to the allegations and not just because of them. Whereas Center Left would have been more likely to support him without the Ford allegations.

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