Adding ‘Supreme Court Nomination’ to Senate – 2018

I think it makes sense to add a ‘Supreme Court Nomination’ issue to Senate – 2018 for Congress Infinity. My sense is that this issue’s centers to this point follow regional trends generally, and makes it more difficult for red state Dems running for re-election, especially if they oppose the nomination. If that’s right, it makes it a bit tricky because certain Dems (Manchin in particular) might support the nomination, and so the regional issue position would be different from the national issue position, but that can’t be done with the current game engine. Perhaps have events that have region-specific momentum shifts to simulate that, but again that requires modifications to the game engine.

Thoughts and feedback welcome!

3 thoughts on “Adding ‘Supreme Court Nomination’ to Senate – 2018”

  1. An excellent addition. I know a lot of focus has been on the red state Democrats( Tester of Montana, Heitkamp of North Dakota, McCaskill of Missouri, Manchin of West Virginia, and Donnelly of Indiana) and how this new issue can be a factor if their Republican challenger wins; but how will try to set the issue positions in states that Trump barely won, or lost(Arizona, and Nevada) where Kavanaugh & Trump is unpopular.
    Because I can see a scenario, thanks to this vote, where the Democratic Party loses North Dakota yet wins either Arizona or Nevada.

  2. @Dylan,

    That might be the case – do you have any data which suggests it will negatively impact McSally or Heller?

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