Goals for next releases – Autumn 2018

All dates are estimates. All features are goals, not promises. List subject to revision.

  • For President Infinity, United States – 2020 is planned for Winter 2018-2019 release, after the mid-terms.
  • Networking is planned for after that (Spring or Summer 2019), and applies for all products.

President Infinity – February 5th

  1. Favorability (each voter has a numeric value rating each candidate, important for modeling > 2 candidate election dynamics or systems where candidates withdraw, such as primaries or two-round runoff systems such as France’s)
  2. Candidate attributes will use a 0-10 system, instead of 1-5 (allows for more distinctions between candidates)
  3. California Governor – 2018 official campaign added (moved to Winter 2018-19)
  4. Map will have pop-up information when mouse-over, so don’t have to click on it to view %s
  5. Can modify size of windows (for displays with high resolutions)
  6. High DPI support (text for the game will show properly on monitors with high DPI, instead of being fuzzy from being scaled up by the operating system)

Congress Infinity – February 10th (and October)

  1. See President Infinity 1., 2., 4.-6. (2., 4.-6. delivered)
  2. Updates to Senate 2018 and House 2018 (delivered)

Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. – February 25th

  1. See President Infinity 1., 2., 4.-6.
  2. Preferences added for Australia.

Prime Minister Infinity – Canada – February 25th (and early September)

  1. Quebec 2018 official campaign added (delivered)
  2. See President Infinity 1., 2., 4.-6.
  3. Preferences added for Australia.

Feedback welcome!

72 thoughts on “Goals for next releases – Autumn 2018”

  1. Sounds great – excited about the new expansions.

    Do candidates in the current game ever withdraw during the general election? I mostly play primaries (and get eliminated because I’m not that good yet), but in my general election games, I haven’t seen many candidates call it quits early. Not sure if there is much precedent, but I know that Ross Perot quit in 92 before coming back (though the latter might be tougher to model).

  2. @Francisco,

    PR is on the to-do list, but there’s no ETA at this point. If or when it happens, it will probably coincide with an official campaign for a PR election.


    Thanks for this feedback! No, candidates do not withdraw from the general election as of yet.

  3. @Andres,

    Favorability makes it much easier to add two-round, but two-round will added in a future release cycle.

  4. Thanks for the response Anthony. I don’t think it should be prioritized as a feature either way, since it’s never happened at the presidential level.

    BTW there was a thread about unrealistic voting due to AI focussing on the wrong states. Did you figure out what the issue is for the next patch?

  5. Will the 2018 Quebec Scenario include any alternate leaders, or just the current ones? For example, will the Parti Québécois have just Jean-François Lisée, or will it have runner-up Alexandre Cloutier or even former leader Pauline Marois as well?

  6. Looks good, especially preference voting for Australia. My one suggestion is an exit poll for PMI and maybe state by state calls on Election Night in PI?

  7. The U.K. exit poll might happen. State-by-state calls on election night are on the to-do, but no ETA yet.

  8. Love President Infinity. Just wish the election night experience was enhanced to include slower clock (longer election night) option with state calls (projections) as they happen during the night. I used to love that about President Elect 88 and it mirrors the real experience.

  9. @anthony

    When will you add the official 2020 US Election?

    I have my version, which I hope will help directly or indirectly in making the official version

  10. @Jonathan,

    2020 will be added after the mid-terms. Thanks for this – I will contact you when we’re closer to adding it.

  11. @anthony

    I just want to re-iterate @Scott’s comment. The recent change to help election night was a step in the right direction, but something more replicating the actual night would be cool. It is a lot of work to get to the election date, I would love to sit back and watch the results come in (as I continue to lose).

  12. Re Andrew’s comment, I don’t see what the point of including Pauline Marois as an alternative PQ leader in any 2018 scenario would be. Pierre-Karl Péladeau would probably be a more interesting addition.

  13. Once the preferences system is up and running, how easy would it be to adapt it from single member constituencies to multi-member ones for STV? Would be interesting for Australian Senate, Irish and Northern Irish elections and seems a logical step between FPTP and full PR that would open up more Anglosphere elections.

    With regard to PR, perhaps NZ 2020 might be a good election to aim for seeing as it should take place once the US primaries have finished and the focus on PI could be relaxed?

  14. @Will,

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to do this – it really depends on the details.

    Re PR and NZ 2020, yes – this might be a logical election to test general election PR out on. We’ll see.

  15. Would like to see a version where once you are elected as the president you can play as president and have to seek reelection. any thoughts on doing something like that.

  16. @Anthony Yay to networking I know its awhile away but I’m glad y’all plan to do that most of my friends that enjoy politics and willing to play this game have moved to other states so this is very awesome! Keep up the good work!

  17. @ModerateGuy,

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m also looking forward to seeing if I can defeat some of our highly skilled players.

  18. @Ryan,

    That would be a very large amount of work, and properly speaking probably a separate game. However, there will be incumbency features added, which in time might add up to something like this.

  19. Will there ever be popular vote options in the primaries for congressional and gubernatorial races? And also will there be an incumbency feature added to President Infinity?

  20. @Charlie,

    Probably. In the meantime, you can set all primaries to Proportional Representation, and set the seats number to be the same as the population for that region.

    Yes, incumbency features will probably be added.

  21. Sounds like some great news features and updates. I am planning to port over some of the old Australia scenarios from PM4E to coincide with the release of the second preferences features.

  22. Anthony,
    I was wondering why after about 2 months into the game, my game would slow down and be very unresponsive, it happens when I play my own created scenarios. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to possibly speed up the game?

  23. @Berg2036,

    My best guess is there is a memory leak occurring in certain situations. The workaround for this is to save, exit the program, and then load the saved game.

  24. @Lucas,

    I don’t have plans to do polls for candidates at this point, but if someone’s missing who seems like an obvious possibility, I’m happy to consider that person.

  25. @anthony the issue with not having popular vote for primaries,and setting it to the delegate way is if someone doesn’t have a majority it screws it up then that person is endorsed by someone else,I think this is a big need indeed

  26. I don’t know if you have touched up on this but how is the incumbency feature you talked about going? If it’s going at all.

  27. @Colby,

    There isn’t one incumbency feature. There are multiple possible features related to incumbency that might be added in the future. There is no ETA for these, and they’re not planned as part of the Autumn 2018 update.

  28. @anthony,

    Since California is a top two primary state, will that be added into the 2018 governor campaign?

    Where do you get the state population and eligible voter counts from? Would that same place happen to provide them for counties as well?

  29. @Charlie,

    California – Gubernatorial – 2018 isn’t planned to have primaries, so no.

    Population stats can be found from various sources online, I recommend doing a search for them. Eligible voter counts are often only available after an election, and sometimes only as estimates.

  30. Will you be adding Gary Johnson to the Senate 2018 scenario? He announced a while back and is running as a Libertarian in New Mexico.

  31. Hi,

    Only a very cosmetic request here. Could it be possible to name coalitions as it would add flavour to scenarios for a number of countries. For example the Liberals and Nationals in Australia are usually referred to as ‘The Coalition’. It could also allow for some nice hypothetical scenarios in the UK of ‘Populist/Conservative’ vs ‘Progressive Alliances. It would likely be easiest to name them in the editor ‘pre-game’ but an option to do so mid-election would be great also.


  32. @Daons,

    A good idea, although it might be a bit tricky to implement properly. For example, in Australia the Liberals are often referred to as the Liberals, and not as part of the Coalition. This would differ from campaign to campaign. I’ll think about this.

  33. Please implement primary popular vote with the next update! Also I thin two round voting would be awesome to add with it cause of favorability

  34. Hi Anthony,
    What is the approximate ETA for preferential voting to be introduced? Would add a whole new dynamic to the Australian and NZ scenarios. Thanks!

  35. So what goes into consideration when picking who will be added as vice presidential candidates? I know there are a few Republican candidates I would like to see.

  36. @Game Guy,

    There’s no simple formula. If someone seems like a top possible pick for a candidate, they will probably be added.

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