Upcoming President Infinity – Version 2.7.1

Hi everyone,

This post will keep track of changes to the upcoming version of President Infinity v. 2.7.1.

Changes so far since previous sneak-peek release (this list will be updated as changes are implemented on this side, these changes will not be available until the version is released):

  • save > fixed bug with save files that were too big
  • Election Night > viewing results by Chronological, Closest, and so on, now works
  • fixed bug > Processing Turn > text sometimes not centered
  • fixed bug > 2000 and 2004 HSC campaigns > edit leader id
  • fixed bug > import campaign > zipped > would overwrite existing folder if duplicate name

10 thoughts on “Upcoming President Infinity – Version 2.7.1”

  1. Are all the new display options on the election night (Closest, highest %, etc.) going to work or are they intended to be blank?

  2. Having issues editing candidate IDs in the 2000 and 2004 Historical Commission Scenarios. Those seem to be the only ones with the issue, and it pops up with an access violation when I try to edit in the campaign editor. I’ve checked to make sure I have full access to the folders (I do), and made sure I had the most recent version of both scenarios and the game.

  3. Will this next version also be for Mac? I notice the sneakpeaks are always Windows-only, so it’s been a while since the last Mac release.

  4. @Lucas,

    Probably not initially. First will be a Windows version, and then assuming no major bugs, a Mac version will probably be released a few days after that.

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