President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 2.6.9, Windows

This is a major update. It includes updated Platform, Endorsers, Ads, Strategy screens, a new Processing Turn Screen, updated election night, updated Editor, allows for exporting campaigns to a folder or zip, allows for up to 100 highscores, if click Highscores > Historical loads winner of every election in U.S. from 1789 to 2016, and more.

Because this is a major update, you can expect there to be bugs. If you find one, please let me know!

You can download it here for Windows.

Note: Requires you already have the game installed.

Feedback welcome!

New since previous release

  • Platform Screen > can click on issue position description to view full
  • New ‘Processing turn …’ pop-up
  • Select Leader Screen > added ‘Skip’ button, to skip selecting leaders
  • updated election night
  • if starting general election without poll-defined %s, fixed bug that would occur is a leader’s committed-leaning-undecided %s for a region were all 0
  • Election night > now displays swing in seats
  • Editor > can edit general election universal % shifts
  • Editor > can create multiple % shifts based on starting date
  • Editor > can edit currency symbol
  • Editor > fixed bug where would move mouse to another app, then move back, and non-active window would be brought to front
  • Editor > Relations button removed
  • Editor > added new tab, including ‘Basics’ and ‘Relations’
  • Editor > Basics > Start > updated date controls
  • Editor > Relations > added list of each party’s scores
  • fixed bug if starting general election using polling data where in some region no candidate > 0%
  • Editor > Regions > Issues > can see all issues, centers, profiles at a glance
  • can export campaigns as folder or zip (compressed) file automatically
  • Highscores Screen > updated, also highlights new highscore
  • Platform and Momentum Screens moved to Players Info > Platform
  • updated Platform Screen
  • updated Endorsers Screen
  • Editor > fixed tab ordering on certain screens
  • can’t attack players in Non-Aggression Pact with
  • updated Ads Screen
  • updated Strategy Screen
  • can view up to 100 highscores
  • Winner Screen > can see highscore
  • Highscores > Historical > includes winner from every election from 1789 to 2016
  • 1972 > fixed bug where election night stops at 11:59 pm, before Alaska’s results come in
  • Change Campaign Screen > Import > Zip > checks if folder to be decompressed to already exists in user campaigns, if so, first asks if overwrite, if no then asks if want to rename

21 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek v. 2.6.9, Windows”

  1. @Anthony
    “0.01 is not a valid floating point value”. I think the reason is there is no general polling at the national level including McMullin. When I add a national poll on January 1st 2016 with McMullin (party) at 4% (for example) in the campaign editor, it doesn’t crash anymore.

  2. I also suggest to split Nebraska and Maine districts, to make the possibility to win some electoral districts (Obama won 2d district of Nebraska in 2008 and Trump 2cd district of Maine in 2016). It would be more realistict I believe

  3. @Rophil,

    Ok, I’ve identified the cause of the McMullin bug. Is looks like a regionalization issue (certain regions use ,s instead of .s as decimal point), should be fixed with next update.

  4. I’ve noticed a possible bug in 2.6.9 when it comes to simulating campaigns. When doing so, I’m getting very curious and wild results. For example, I’ll have a 3rd-party candidate who is no more than 2-3% in all regions get 9% of the popular vote and 200+ electoral votes! This type of thing does not happen when playing through the campaign manually.

  5. Anthony,

    thank you for this great job and all those improvements. I would like to know more about two things wich have been discussed yet but i would like to know if it’s on the next plans. First, what about the two turn system wich seems so close to be implemented few month ago ? very usefull for us to build a more accurate french scenario. Second question, is it a major difficulty to enable a proportionnal system for the general election as it is already possible for primaries ? Thank you for the job, thank you for your answers!

  6. Playing through 2016 primaries right now and they game is pretty “laggy” in general now with the sneak peak release. Game doen’t respond quickly with clicks, takes sometimes a second or two after clicking for the game to register that I have clicked. (Not loading, but just recognizing an action)

  7. @Aaron,

    Sounds like a faster system than the test system I have here, which responds more quickly than previous releases. Hmmm …

  8. Is it laggy from the start? Or does it start to slow down as you go through turns? Also, is the Start Screen laggy?

  9. It seems to just get laggy as I got farther into the campaign. I just restarted the game and loaded the game from the autosave point and it is running much quicker than it did before I restarted the game. So maybe it is pilling up a lot of temp data that it isn’t dumping or something?

  10. @Tom,

    Two-round is closer to happening, but I don’t have an ETA at this point. I am focusing on Congress Infinity after the next official President Infinity release, then returning to President Infinity after that. At that point, it might happen. Basically, two-round becomes much easier once the Favorability feature is implemented, which is the next major feature for President Infinity (again, after CI has been updated).

    I would like to see PR for the general election happen, but it won’t be for awhile if it happens.

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