Scratching an itch – introducing To Done!

At the beginning of this year, I started looking around for a to-do app that fit my criteria.

  • minimalist (not a bunch of extra buttons or options I didn’t need)
  • off-line (I can use it as easily if I have an internet connection as not)
  • nested to-do’s (so I can break a project down into sub-items)
  • doesn’t require me to log in or pay a monthly fee
  • runs on Windows (my development machine, where I keep track of projects)

I couldn’t find one I liked, and so I decided to make one. It’s still in the testing period, but you can download it here.

This to-do app is intended for people who use a Windows machine, to keep track of project-related to-do’s, and who don’t want or require to share those to-do lists across devices.

Feedback welcome!

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