New offers screen first look

There’s a new offers screen in the upcoming versions of President Infinity and Prime Minister Infinity. Here’s what it looks like in President Infinity.

There are a few things that are different from the previous offers screen. First, there are more options, including here a Cabinet slot being offered, the ability to offer to become a surrogate, and to offer to change an issue position.

Offers can include combinations where it makes sense – for example, you can offer the VP slot and to change one of your issue positions at the same time.

Another big difference is that offers are resolved immediately, instead of having to wait until turn processing.

The other big difference is that offers can now be done after the election, if no one has a majority government, where it proceeds in turns where a player can make one offer per turn.

Here is Prime Minister Infinity – U.K.’s 2010 where that can be relevant.

You can also see that Clegg is being offered a deputy slot, and that you can offer or receive a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement in the case of a minority government, instead of a coalition, such as the recent Tory-DUP arrangement in the U.K.

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  1. This is the final planned major feature to be added before the next PMI – U.K. update, and rounds out some things for the 2017 and 2010 campaigns. So, for PMI – U.K. shouldn’t be that long – couple weeks is my best guess. PI, I don’t know.

  2. Love this.

    Side question I have been meaning to ask:
    Where in the XML files is the part that triggers the High Score Bonus message for the “historic achievement” that was attached to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 scenario?

  3. Here’s an idea. Perhaps you could give a VP their own command points instead of sharing them with his running mate.
    Just an idea I had in mind~ πŸ™‚

  4. This is a amazing. One question, will the CPU controlled candidates make cabinet offers to other CPU or human controlled candidates?

  5. @Jonathan,

    Yes. For game play purposes, if a player accepts a cabinet spot, your highscore is -5. If you accept a cabinet spot, your highscore if they win the nomination and you decide to continue playing as them is +5.

  6. @Anthony
    When I want to play the 2016 campaign beginning the primaries and selecting Evan McMullin, it always crashed with “0.01 is not a valid floating value point”. Could you fix it ?

  7. Now all we need is for candidates who lose the first few primaries to drop out πŸ˜› then both games will be looking brilliant

  8. Oh and have a system stopping endorsers from endorsing people that in real life they’d never endorse as I’ve mentioned before

  9. @anthony

    Excellent. Will CPU candidates also make similar offers to other CPU candidates. Will it show something like “Elizabeth Warren drops out and endorses Cory Booker upon promise of a cabinet position” or something like that? Or is this only offered to human controlled candidates?

  10. @anthony

    No, I’m talking about the note that pops up when (in the 2016 scenario) Clinton wins the nomination. Something along the lines of +10 high score for your historic achievement.

  11. Does this mean that we will get the possibility to name a full future cabinet as well? It would be awesome, but I can imagine it’s quiet complicated to make it happen.

  12. @anthony_270admin

    in the new coalition feature how long does it take to form a government and also if you fail to form one with a party can you try to negotiate with another or is that not possible.


  13. @Rob,

    Negotiations start after election night, and proceed on a round by round basis. Yes, if a coalition or confidence and supply deal doesn’t work with one party, you can try another.

  14. The last couple of times I’ve played PMI UK, both times with the user scenario for 1950, I’ve had an error message come up with “abnormal program termination”. I don’t know if that means there’s a particular issue but thought it would be worth mentioning.

  15. @anthony_270admin
    Sorry if I seemed like I was rushing you, I know this is a difficult update to implement (I’ve tried similar tasks before)

  16. @anthony_270admin

    I’m having the same problem Rophil mentioned above. Whenever I turn McMullin on and start in the primaries (any date), PI immediately crashes. Note that this is not an issue in the standard 2.4.9 version, nor is it an issue in the sneak peak version when skipping the primaries.

    Playing on a Mac if it makes any difference.

  17. Or rather (RE:McMullin on during the primaries), it doesn’t crash immediately once starting the scenario. But the second I click the checkmark to advance to the next turn, it crashes. This happens no matter who else is off/on or who I choose to play as.

  18. Is there a way to change the date of an election in the PMI editor? I can see where to change the start date but not if there’s anywhere to change the actual date of the election.

    And @anthony, I haven’t had the error since I told you about it, funnily enough, although it was just with the 1950 campaign.

  19. I also can’t seem to edit a party’s details in the latest sneak peak? If change some of the numbers around, exit the party screen and then go back, it reverts to how it was before.

  20. @Rogerstoneyou,

    The plan currently is finish PMI – UK updates for 2017, then PI updates including direct popular vote, two-round, and France President 2017.

  21. @Will,

    To change the election date, go Editor > Regions > Basics > General Election > and next to the seats values is the date.

  22. @Will re editing party details,

    Can you be more specific? I will then attempt to recreate this.

  23. @Andres,

    There’s no specific date. I give best guesses because people seem to want them, but once it’s ready is the best answer.

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