Updated Players Info screen first look

The Players Info screen has been modified. Here you can see the work in progress.

The biggest change is that the personal and campaign attributes are all viewable at once.

The Veep toggle button is gone, replaced with a drop-down list that allows you to select personal attributes for either the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate.

The player’s party image is now displayed.

Finally, the highscore information has been moved to its own tab, and looks like this.

12 thoughts on “Updated Players Info screen first look”

  1. My President Infinity Program errors after Sept 3th with an OS function failure.
    I have not been able to play for quite sometime & have just about given up using it.

  2. It looks so great, can’t wait for the next release. Thank you !
    Will the favorability system be in place soon?

  3. So excited! I’ll be letting alot of the members of my union to purchase this game. Great job Anthony!

  4. @Red,

    Once PMI – U.K.’s next official update is done, the focus will turn back to PI and direct popular vote. Not sure when, though.

  5. @Rophil,

    No 2020 for awhile. It’s too early to be able to see who even is likely to be running.

  6. Minor thing if I may… While you’re tweaking the interface would you mind taking a look at the tab order for the fields in forms such as candidate attributes and regions? I like to tab between boxes and sometimes the order is funky, it will skip around. Also I hope the issue with the modal windows is being looked at. Thanks!

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