Direct popular vote and two-round system

This is currently being added to President Infinity.

There are two new options, ‘Pop. Vote’ and ‘Two-Round’. Both of these are being implemented for the upcoming French Presidential election.

‘Pop. Vote’ allows for direct popular vote to determine the winner on the national level, and causes the game to ignore the ‘seats’ numbers. This is useful for not only the French Presidential election, but various plebiscites such as the Brexit vote. (This is not the same as proportional representation, but is rather a ‘winner-take-all’ or ‘first-past-the-post’ electoral system. PR on the national level probably also will be implemented in the future.)

‘Two-round’ allows for a two-round run-off system, where if no candidate gets > 50% of the vote on the first round, the top two go to a second round of voting.

I expect these features to be added to President Infinity in the next few weeks.

36 thoughts on “Direct popular vote and two-round system”

  1. Fantastic, this is going to be a major game changer. Looking forward to this and well done on the continued development of the PI/CI/PMI series 🙂

  2. Yeah, I look forward to doing hypothetical elections with a two round system — 1824, 1860, 1912, 1992, 2016 will all be interesting hypothetical elections.

  3. I agree a two round would be intresting for 2016 and 2000; who would have won if not for Nader in 00 Johnson, and Stein in 16

  4. Good first step, now I’m just waiting for Preferential voting (I would recommend adding both optional and full preferential voting) in the PMI games, and I am set.

  5. Hi Anthony
    Would the two round also work for legislative elections? Two rounds but the run off is in each seat/state?

    Also could we have two rounds where the filter isn’t top 2 but having > 15%?

    Asking as these would then simulate the French legislative and municipal elections pretty well (local elections is essentially like 100s of mini presidential elections simultaneously)

  6. You know what my end game dream is an election game where. You are running Presidential elections, house, senate, and gubernatorial all simultaneously and they affect or effect?? each other.

  7. Looks awesome! Exactly what i needed for my Pres Infinity Campaign!

    Now i just hope we get candidate awareness to limit the chance of minor candidates winning early races and some sort of mechanism to make minor candidates drop out after the early primaries!

  8. @Moderate Guy,

    This feature does not include PR for a general election. Probably will be included later on.

  9. @EAY,

    Will be available in the Campaign Editor for any campaign. However, you will have to make a custom campaign to enable it for the official U.S. campaigns.

  10. Just a couple of quick questions, is there a chance the direct vote could be expanded to be used for primaries also? Also are you in a position to be able to upload some screenshots so we can get a taste of how the new feature is beginning to look in play?

  11. @Daons,

    Once it’s implemented for the general election, it will be a lot closer to working for primaries, so maybe.

    Interface doesn’t look that much different. The big difference is that on the main screen, the ‘Seats’ option on the drop-down box -> ‘Pop. Vote’, and seat numbers -> est. vote totals.

    With pop. vote, the game is no longer about winning regions, but about drawing away as much soft support from your opponent as possible.

  12. Really looking forward to this – will we get a chance to try it out before the France campaign is added, there are loads of user scenarios that this would work with.

    Unrelated but I get an error message every time I try to play the 2014 Senate campaign on Congress Infinity: Access violation at address 004D886C in module CI.exe. Read of address 00000018

  13. ^^ I’m getting the same error as Will. My best guess is that the third parties are what are causing it, as when I removed them from the scenario, everything worked perfectly, until the end — when I closed election night, it gave me the same error.

  14. @Will and Arjav,

    This bug has been fixed in the latest internal of CI, will be included in the next release for it.

  15. @Bobert,

    To start with, the two-round feature will only work at the national level, and for top-two. Adding run-off at the local level, or % thresholds to advance to the second round, might be added later, but not decision on this as of yet.

  16. @Archer,

    Goldwater is not included, as he wasn’t running for the nomination in 1968. However, you can add him easily in a modded campaign.

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