Review of Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. at Clio’s Eyeroll

A new review of Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. is here

Review: Prime Minister Infinity (UK)

at Clio’s Eyeroll. The take-away quote is

“Any British political enthusiasts will probably greatly enjoy it”

There are some specific criticisms in the review, such as the election night working better for an American system and certain Americanisms. These are fair criticisms, and the game is a port of an American game (that’s the only way it could have been made).

Having said that, PMI – U.K. and Canada will receive updates in the next several months. If any Brits want to tell me of any Americanisms in the game, and what the corresponding British phrases would be, feel free to do so.

7 thoughts on “Review of Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. at Clio’s Eyeroll”

  1. Hi Anthony!

    First of all thank you very much for mentioning your review, I was entirely expecting to just be talking into the void when I wrote it. I did not expect for many people to read it!

    I’ve had a while to think about PMI after writing the review and play it more as well. I was actually planning on making some amendments to the review soon, I would have done it sooner but nobody ever reads my blog! Primarily I think I went in a little hard with the criticism. Such quotes as “But at the same time, I don’t feel massively impressed with the game either,” and “The game lacks passion,” are too harsh in retrospect and I don’t think I emphasised my enjoyment of PMI enough. Maybe I was in a cranky mood when I wrote it.

    Secondly my comment about the campaign editor is a downright error. I have in fact started making a 2020 scenario and have found it much easier than I had initially realised when trying out the campaign editor for the review.

    “Having said that, PMI – U.K. and Canada will receive updates in the next several months.”

    I absolutely did not expect this, I believed PMI’s development to have ended. Great news!

    If there’s anything you want to ask me concerning the reivew and my experiences I’d be happy to answer

  2. Thanks for this feedback! The Editor will also have a significant upgrade, similar to those made in President Infinity.

  3. Hi, I have an idea for the election night screen as UK General Elections results come in the form of seat by seat declarations, I thought maybe a videprinter at the bottom of the screen could show the results. I attach a mocked up screen shot to better explain my idea. The UK current engine would need optimising as it gets sluggish with all of the data being analysed. (I ported a UK Scenario to CI and it handles the data much better at the moment any how) 🙂

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