21 thoughts on “President Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. This is the first iteration of the simulation mode feature. It will probably be expanded in the future, once Favorability is implemented.

  2. I’m getting an occasional error when simming through a primary of a custom scenario.

    TGameEngine::ProcessTurns () > Code = 40 Access violation at address 006C85CC in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000060

  3. I think its solved,

    I had a general election debate scheduled during the primaries, that likely explains the access violation. 🙂

  4. @Anthony

    The simulation is really cool. I love that feature. I have a few questions though:

    1) I think I heard you say it only works in the general election. Will you have a sim for the primaries?

    2) When will you update the polls. I think everyone has Clinton beating Trump in November now. Trump won 8 of my 10 simulations in the first go.

    3) When will you increase the numbers and power for the two 3rd parties?

  5. hi @Anthony i play in easy mode in 2.3.8 and others versions and its more hard to win than normal need adjust this thanks

  6. @Jonathan,

    1. Probably expand it to include primaries at some point.

    2. Polls will be updated when I polling data for the general election feature is added. It’s next up.

    3. Same as 2.

  7. “hi @Anthony i play in easy mode in 2.3.8 and others versions and its more hard to win than normal need adjust this thanks”

    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  8. @Daons,

    Ok, that sounds like it might have been causing it. I’ve noted this so I can make sure it doesn’t cause an error.

  9. One thing that this confirms is that the scenario HEAVILY favors a Trump win. Explains why I and others have found the game much easier when playing as a Republican.

  10. I get an access violation trying to start the 1980 campaign: Access violation at address 004D7D1C in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000018

  11. Also, I tried simulations of the 2008 campaign McCain vs Obama and Obama was winning 500+ landslides in every simulation (I only did 10 though)

  12. I get a weird error message, when I want to start a new game. “Access violation at address 004D6FA4 in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000018”. There is no game play possible for me at this time.

  13. @Will re 1980,

    Thanks for this – I have replicated the error and it should be fixed with the next release.

  14. @Luki re error message,

    What campaign(s) are you trying to play, what options, and where exactly does it occur?

  15. @Anthony

    That happens right after I want to start the game engine via the US flag icon. I come to the interface as usual, but when I want to click on ”new game” this message comes up. I can’t even select a campaign, as I can’t advance to this screen.
    And I have to close the interface at the taskbar. The ‘X’ at the upper-right is sadly unusable after this message.

    The really weird thing is, that this happens since I installed the ”Poland – 2015” scenario from the campaigns page. I found out now that after deleting the scenario file, it works properly again…

  16. @Luki,

    That’s interesting – anyone else experience that problem after adding the Poland 2015 campaign?

  17. Anthony,

    Why does a candidate(AI) with negative momentum, let’s say -6, gains 0,8% percentage/votes, while me(human) with a +50 momentum, gains only 0,1%?

  18. @Andres,

    I would have to look at the specific situation. If you have a save game where you have +50 momentum and another candidate has -6 momentum (say), you can send it to me as a compressed (zipped) folder and I can look at it.

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