18 thoughts on “Congress Infinity next release sneak-peek, Windows only”

  1. House elections haven’t been updated, because I’m waiting for more House primaries to be completed. That will probably be updated mid-August.

  2. Any plans to ever incorporate top-two primaries in the states that have them? i.e. Mike Honda vs. Ro Khanna, Kamala Harris vs. Loretta Sanchez, etc etc.

  3. @Arjav re top-two general elections,

    It’s a good idea, but California will have a D for their next Senator, for example, regardless of who wins, which is what the game focuses on.

  4. Lib – I had the same problem. You have to keep scrolling down. After you pass the last state (wyoming) you’ll reach the list of specific senate races which you can then edit.

  5. @Lib,

    The Senate has 100 seats, 2 for each state. So, you have to select the specific seat (Alabama-3, and so on) as Ted describes.

  6. Really enjoying this update! Worked on two user-created scenarios today. However, I am getting lots of “access violations” at various spots. On one scenario, it says “access violation” before it creates the game, which prevents me from loading the game. It also says it on this particular scenario whenever I try to edit the ids on anything. On the other scenario, it shows another “access violation” when I try to save the game.

    Other than that, great update. Looking forward to what else is coming to CI!

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