New Spin Screen

Spinning news stories in the game has been significantly modified.

Here’s a screen shot.


The player and issue the story is about look similar. The first number in a circle is the ‘Coverage extent’ (it used to be called ‘Profile’). The second number is ‘Coverage slant’ (used to be called ‘Spin’), and the third number is the news story’s Power (extent x slant).

Players now have 3 different options, Spin, Neutralize, or Flip.

Spin has the greatest chance of succeeding, and changes extent and slant by 1 (up or down depending on whether the story is about you or another player).

Neutralize has less chance of succeeding, and sends the story to 0 slant and ends the story.

Flip has the least chance of succeeding, and send the story to +1 slant.

Players now allocate Spin Points (SPs) to increase the chance of their action succeeding. The number of SPs a player has per day are based on their Spin Strength.

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18 thoughts on “New Spin Screen”

  1. Say Rubio attacked Carson on an position, will Carson flipping it on Rubio give Carson negative momentum?

  2. @Dylan
    If I understand this right, Rubio attacks Carson, generating a story, “Rubio blasts Carson on campaign trail”, profile 2, slant -1 against Carson, right? Then “flip”, as Anthony says, would put the slant at +1, giving a boost to Carson instead of a penalty.

    What I’m not clear on is: Can you flip only stories about yourself? Or can you also flip stories about rivals, turning a +1 slant into -1? For example, in the picture provided, suppose there were a human playing as Rubio. Could Rubio try to flip the coverage on the Cruz story?

    One last thing. Does this mean the slant can go up to 2 or 3 in magnitude (+2, -3, etc.)? So, for example, if I drop a scandal on someone, currently all I can do is spin it to try to neutralize the other person’s spin and keep the story in the news as long as possible. Would I now be able to put the slant at -2, doubling the damage?

  3. @Eric,

    You can flip stories about yourself or opponents. About yourself if the slant is negative, about an opponent if the slant is positive.

    Yes, slant can go beyond +-1. So if a scandal starts at, say, 5 extent and -1 slant, if you successfully spin it that turn, it goes to 6 extent and -2 slant.

  4. The specifics of this will be fine-tuned when I game test it, but that’s the general idea.

  5. So media spin is even more important: as harmful as 9-strength scandals already are, they’re about to become debilitating.

  6. @Eric,

    I’ll be game testing the new mechanics to make sure, say, run-of-the-mill scandals don’t become debilitating.

  7. Looks good but doesn’t completely fit with the interface used elsewhere, but definitely a step up. Since I lack a PayPal account with $20, could you at least make a demo version of President Infinity? The last demo available is 1.6.2 of President Forever. I restrain myself from looking at the blog so I don’t feel bad about all the new features I’m missing out on 🙁

  8. @SirLagsalott,

    Yes, the interface is different, but the news screen has always been different (‘flat’).

    No plans for a demo right now – you don’t need PayPal, our main online retailer accepts credit cards.

  9. Well I’m going to echo a lot of people: this is great and a lot clearer now. While the old screen was fine, it also never seemed to give me all the info I wanted, so this is a lot better.

  10. @anthony_270admin

    This game looks great, and I would love to purchase it, but I don’t particularly trust MyCommerce, due to a multitude of negative reviews, and it asking for postal code, and address. Is there any alternate place to buy the game?

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