Modifying how Spin works

Right now, a player can allocate CPs to spin a news story. The chance the spinning is effective is relative to the player’s Spin Strength.

A problem is that spinning must be done manually on a day-by-day basis. So, if you’re playing in 7 days per turn mode, you only have the opportunity to spin once a week.

This is going to change. Instead, each campaign gets spin points per day equal to their Spin Strength. So, if your Spin Strength is 3, you get 3 spin points to be used per day. If you don’t specify where they go, they are automatically allocated to news stories based on profile and subject.

The rest of the system stays the same (you can still use CPs for extra spinning).

Feedback welcome!

5 thoughts on “Modifying how Spin works”

  1. I’m at least very glad that you’re correcting this, since it was one of the things that bothered me most about the 7 day cycle. I couldn’t spin a good story my way if I didn’t bunch things that I felt likely to get good press on the last day or two of the week, which left the beginning of the week a bit bare.

  2. I know – it also significantly reduced the importance of spinning, which seems a key aspect of Trump’s (so far) success in the Republican primaries.

  3. @Jesse,

    I’m currently reworking the basic mechanics, but probably increased Spin Strength will give a player Spin Points and make spinning more effective.

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