President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.6

President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.2.6 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a President Infinity owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.


This updates 2016 Republican and Democratic primaries schedules and delegates, adds more 2016 scripted events, updates 1968, and more.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • fixed bug where computer player would take block grant if own funds projection (current funds + party funds + fundraising estimate for days left) greater
  • fixed bug where Rally attendance could be < 0
  • Main Screen > Rally > now says, ex. “Est. 1,500 people”
  • fixed bug in modded campaigns where candidate flags could draw off edge of map, causing error
  • screens should now center properly on multi-monitor setups
  • Help file updated
  • 2016 > Reps > updated primaries schedule
  • 2016 > Dems > updated primaries schedule
  • 2016 > Reps > updated FPP or PR and % thresholds for primaries and caucuses
  • 2016 > Dems > set all primaries and caucuses to PR, 15% threshold
  • 2016 > Dems > updated specifics for primaries and caucuses (delegates, primary or caucus, open or closed)
  • 2016 > Dems > updated primaries news story profile bonuses
  • 2016 > Polls > Primaries > Reps > Alabama > added poll, set date to Dec. 12th, 2015
  • 2016 > Events > added event ‘Democrat Edwards Wins Louisiana Gubernatorial Runoff’
  • 2016 > Events > added event ‘San Bernardino Terrorist Attack’
  • 2016 > Events > added event ‘Justice Scalia Passes Away’
  • 2016 > Events > added event ‘Justice Scalia Funeral’
  • 2016 > Events > added event ‘Obama State of the Union Address’
  • 2016 > Events > added event ‘Broncos Defeat Panthers, Win Super Bowl!’
  • 1968 > added more historically accurate demographics
  • 1968 > replaced incorrect Michigan Senate endorser
  • 1968 > significant changes to George Wallace platform
  • 1968 > Edward Kennedy attributes adjusted
  • 1968 > endorsers adjusted
  • 1968 > general election start %s adjusted (set to results of general election, minus 5 points from each party so as to allow room for campaigns to pick up undecideds)
  • 1968 > revised regional issue centers
  • 1968 > redesigned states with state conventions to make them easier to get some delegates but more difficult to sweep the states
  • 1968 > added random economic effects for enhanced replayability
  • 1968 > candidates removed from ballots they were not on historically, but are allowed to get themselves on ballots in game
  • 1968 > added real primary results
  • 1968 > replaced generic populations with intercensal estimates for 1968 as well as adding correct voting eligible populations
    (this reduces the cost of ads to a more reasonable amount and provides more accurate historical vote totals)
  • 1968 > raised the money coefficient from 15 to a number based off 100 for 2016 (subtracting four for each general election)
  • 1968 > ads > removed ‘web ad’ type
  • 1968 > Lyndon Johnson > primaries blurb > fixed typo
  • 1968 > Robert Kennedy > Charisma 5 -> 4
  • 1968 > George Wallace > Leadership 5 -> 4
  • 1968 > Hubert Humphrey > Experience 5 -> 4

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

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44 thoughts on “President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.2.6”

  1. I started 2016 scenario and with all the candidates on and got almost to the convention when I tried to save it but it said it could’t write the specific game file. So know when ever I try to load the game it says list index out of bound. Anyway to fix this?

  2. @Bjorn,

    I believe this is a problem with the main save file getting too big when every candidate it turned on. I don’t believe there’s a way to fix this in game. If you have a save game you can load, you can then turn off autosave (if you have it on) and continue playing, but you won’t be able to save again.

  3. @Toby,

    Do you think RFK should be a 5? Problem is that 5 is the same as figures like JFK and Reagan. It seems RFK didn’t have the sort of Charisma of those figures. Further feedback welcome on this.

  4. @Aaron,

    Where exactly does that happen in 1968? Also, what candidate are you when it happens?

  5. Possible events:

    Chris Christie ridiculed by NJ press, which could hurt whomever he endorses
    Mitt Romney’s speech regarding the election on Thursday

  6. Also, possibly vocal cries of Republicans refusing to endorse/vote for Trump, if they have any affect at all in real life. One Sen. and one Gov. said they won’t vote for him.

  7. @Jonathan,

    Ya, but those aren’t really external events, which is how scripted events are being done for the official 2016 campaign. Those are things that are happening in response to events in the campaign.

  8. I wonder if events in response to events should be added. It might be too complicated to create, however.

  9. @anthony

    It happens immediately. I have only tried it with Humphrey and Johnson. If you go into the endorsements, click all regions and scroll through the pages, on one or more of the pages you get the error.

  10. I’ve been thinking. A while ago, Ted Cruz had an ad supporting himself that fell flat. It was the “scorpion in the desert” ad. It didn’t backfire in making him look bad, per se, but it did him little good. Currently, the only ways a pro-self ad can wind up are “normal” and “highly effective”, which give +2 to power.
    I propose you add a chance an ad falls flat, giving -2 to power. IOW, the opposite of “highly effective”. It can reverse-scale with highly effective: Ad strength 1 gives +5% to “highly effective”, so it can give +25% to “fall flat”, then scale to Ad 5 giving +25% to “highly effective” and +5% to “fall flat”.

  11. @Anthony
    I know I have already asked for that, but I think the GOP primary July map could be performed by paying attention to early 2015 polls. It would reflect the actual strenght of candidates beginning the race in this period. Each of them has a stronger base among some groups of states: by example, Walker and Paul should be stronger in the Midwest, Christie in North-East, Cruz, Carson and Huckabee in the South, … To me, the initial map you released showed very good the real state of ground forces. Actually, this initial map deeply changed after Trump’s rise, but without him in the race, things would have gone differently. My advice is that a map taking 2014 and early 2015 polls would be more realistic for July 1st. I know it would need work, but that could so more pleasant.

  12. @Rophil,

    Thanks for this – I agree with you that regional modifications could be useful. We’ll see – I would want to make the polling % engine better, so it could take early polls, then look at changes in national %s, and then ‘predict’ new regional %s where there isn’t polling.

  13. @Jonathan,

    You can do that. Editor > Events > Requirements > New > set type to event_occurred.

  14. Hmm… I’ve tried playing the game with various candidates for the GOP, and by the time I get to the general election, the Democrat has a huge, insurmountable lead in the polls (75 to 25%, and as high as 82 to 18%). There has to be something wrong somewhere, as those #s are kind of insane.

  15. I had it but the opposite. I won the primaries as Bernie and was destroyed in the general(only won Hawaii and DC). I lost Vermont by 60+%. I lost the general popular by 30+%.

  16. What if you add support from specific groups in the next update like Humphrey would have high standings with unions and RFK would be the Catholics favorite.

  17. Thanks for this – unions could be modeled with endorsers, Catholics could be addressed with regional %s. We’ll see.

  18. What if you ad an option to not accept support from endorsers and add negative momentum in states that have a hostile opinion of that group like NOW would add negative momentum in anti ERA states.

  19. I think Christie’s leadership should bee decreased because the Fort Lee lane closure scandal doesn’t sound to good leadership wise.

  20. Just curious, will you consider adding Trump as a third party option like you did with Michael Bloomberg?

  21. @Nunyabisnis,

    It’s possible endorsements could have negative effects – I’d prefer to keep endorsements as a good thing in the game, though.

  22. Am i the only person having a an issue with the game after the primaries? I spend hours upon hours playing only to win the nomination and the game doesnt convert to the general election properly.

    Im playing with Hillary Clinton. I win the nomination ans when the game moves into the general election… the speeches dont replenish and I dont get the option to accept/decline the block grant.

    I wont be playing again until this issue is addressed. Drives me crazy to spend all that time playing and building a campaign only to have the game screw it up.

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