Nevada (R) Predictions!

Hi everyone,

Make your Nevada (R) predictions here. I’ll make a ‘highscores’ post on Feb. 24th (or when the final results are in).

The winner will be whoever gets the top 3 correct and among those (if more than one person gets the order right) who has the closest match for %s.

Honorable mentions for anyone who gets the top 3 (in order).

Note: I will be locking the thread at 5PM PST, 8PM EST.

You can click the subject link to view the predictions.

11 thoughts on “Nevada (R) Predictions!”

  1. Trump: 40%
    Rubio: 24%
    Cruz: 19%
    Kasich: 10%
    Carson: 7%

    These are all guesses: Only Two polls, and neither after South Carolina soooo…… No real analysis available.

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