The Year Past and the Year Ahead

In 2015, there were some big achievements.

1. Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. was released, the first Parliamentary game to use the Infinity game engine.

2. Prime Minister Infinity – Canada was released, and it now includes campaigns from 2015-2006.

3. A large number of updates were made to President Infinity, including expanding the Campaign Editor, 7 days per turn, added a main screen HUD for regional items creating, revamped the Turn Summary, created a new Election Night and export feature, many updates to the 2016 campaign (including adding many scripted events), and more.

4. The floodgates opened for user-designed campaigns, with more than 70 campaigns released. I am impressed by the campaign designers, and congratulate all of them!

5. Congress Infinity’s initial House 2016 and Senate 2012 campaigns were added, as well as several updates.

Thanks everyone for your feedback over the last year!

For the year ahead, the focus is simple. The first half of the year will be President Infinity, Congress Infinity, Prime Minister Infinity – U.K. and Canada.

The second half of the year will see continued focus on President Infinity and Congress Infinity, and the announcement of a new game, which will be the first non-election game from 270soft, but no more details yet.

(If you want to compare this year’s list to last year’s, it’s here.)

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