President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.0.9

President Infinity v. Ericson – 2.0.9 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a President Infinity (President Forever 2016) owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

This release makes a large number of smaller changes and fixes to the game.

Note: the percentages and standings have not for the most part been updated. This is because a new feature that allows for multiple starting %s is in development. Once that happens, %s will updated.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • 2016 > Sanders -> second place in Dem list
  • 2016 > Trump > updated blurb
  • 2016 > Trump > Primaries > Spin 2 -> 3
  • 2016 > Carson > Primaries > Issue Familiarity 3 -> 2
  • 2016 > Kasich > Issue Familiarity 3 -> 4
  • 2016 > Cruz > Ground Strength 1 -> 2
  • 2016, 2012, 2008, 1968, 1912 > ad types now can run for 7 days
  • 2016, 2012, 2008 > fixed error where US issue centers were almost all center-right instead of center
  • fixed bug > displaying candidate goal if involved %
  • goals > seats ‘out of’ value now calculated based on total seats in general election
  • fixed bug > Player Info Screen > ‘…’ at end of line of goal text
  • fixed bug > Platform Screen > ‘…’ at end of line of issue position text
  • Editor > can edit region names
  • Editor > can add regions (cannot modify region locations yet, so this is useful mostly for CI districts and PMI constituencies at this point)
  • Editor > can edit region id’s
  • Editor > can edit region abbreviations
  • Editor > can delete regions
  • 2016 > updated governor of American Samoa
  • 2016 > updated governor of Northern Mariana Islands
  • 2016 > Sanders > Surrogates > added Bill McKibben, 1 Barnstorming, 2 Spin, 1 Fundraising
  • 2016 > Cruz > Surrogates > added Rafael Cruz, 1 Barnstorming, 1 Spin, 1 Fundraising
  • Editor > Debates > added max. candidates count
  • Debate Prep. Screen > now shows % required for debate, max. number of candidates for debate
  • Debates now have optional max. candidates count
  • 2016 > Rep > August 6th, 2015 debate > max. candidates count set to 10, no % threshold
  • 2016 > Rep > September 16th, 2015 debate > max. candidates count set to 10, no % threshold
  • Strategy Screen > now displays Org. Strength
  • Election Night > Export > fixed possible bug where might have blank or zero in a party’s columns even though on ballot in that region
  • Load Game Screen > double-clicking save game will load game, instead of closing screen
  • Fixed bug with random graphics filler being displayed around edges of certain screens in Windows 10 (and perhaps other operating systems)
  • Fixed bug > Campaign Editor > Regions > if no leader from a given party on primaries ballot, no longer causes error
  • Main Screen > if in 7 day mode, +-s for percentages and seats now relative to previous turn
  • Strategy Screen > Primaries > when mouse hovers over region, date format (for example) 01/01/2016 -> Jan. 1st, 2016
  • Fixed bug > Select Campaign Screen > if ‘not seeking’ option selected for last candidate on a row, no longer causes graphical glitch
  • Main Screen > if hover over Issue Knowledge or Debate Prep. buttons, displays respective attribute and upgrade values
  • Main Screen > removed ‘takes 1 CP and 5 EPs’ pop-up box after click Issue Knowledge
  • Debate Prep. Screen > removed ‘takes 1 CP and 5 EPs’ pop-up box after click Do Debate Prep.
  • Keycode Screen > can now paste entire keycode into first box
  • General Election > Debates > can now set which parties invited
  • Campaign Editor > fixed bug where Save As would save to same folder
  • Turn Summary > first turn > Goal > “out of” > now calculated dynamically based on number of electoral votes
  • 7 days per turn > Upcoming debate note only added once
  • Select Campaign Screen > no party or leader selected by default

This is a comprehensive update.

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link.

If for some reason there is no “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link in your e-mail and you are a President Infinity (President Forever 2016) owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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82 thoughts on “President Infinity – Version Ericson – 2.0.9”

  1. I can’t exit out of the Debate Prep. popup? “Access violation at address 004E576D in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000008”

  2. Game is great so far. The week long turns in the primary make the game even more fun.

    I’m having some trouble though: I get to Feb 25 in the primaries as Hillary Clinton, and I can no longer save the game. I get the message “Unable to write to specified save game file.” I have been saving every turn using Autosave and also saving as a different file by date. Those work through Feb 18 but not after.

  3. In a future idea of a small tweak, in the wake of most Americans viewing Clinton as untrustworthy and the e-mail scandal refusing to go away, should Clinton’s integrity rating go from 3 to 2?

  4. I’m trying to play the 2016 scenario, no primaries. I have the GOP and Dems as computer. Green is human. Libertarian and Bloomberg off. I press continue and a message says “You need at least two players selected.” Start date September 7th.

    Error still occurs with two humans and two computers. Errors occurs with August 1st 2016 start date.

    Error still occurs with GOP as human, and Dem as computer. Everyone else turned off.

  5. Also, how much do I need to pay for you to take out the weirdos from the Democratic and Republican primaries? I think it legitimately takes away from the game.

  6. Just had Christie win the Republican primary from 4th place in the polls and minimal delegates. Everyone else dropped out???

  7. Aight something is messed up. I clicked through a game as Stein (primaries on since primaries off won’t work), and polling had Christie 48% to Clinton’s 42% or so. The Electoral College was split 268 GOP to 243 Dem.

    Next turn (the election), Clinton wins 511 Electoral Votes and 81.2% of the popular vote to Christies 27 and 18.1%


  8. Tried a hands-off spacebar game with the new update, with the July startdate.

    Made it to March before I got an error. The game allowed me to continue space-barring and advancing the game (with an error every week), but after a few weeks I noticed the date in the game wasn’t updating anymore. It still said it was March.

    NICK: You can turn on/off whatever candidates you want. I agree that it’s weird the “populist” candidates are there (I believe it was a Kickstarter reward), but they’re default off and shouldn’t be appearing as VPs either…so…if you’re seeing them in the game, does that mean you intentionally included them yourself?

  9. The game is fine for the primary season, but once it gets into around March, I am also receiving the “Unable to write to specified save game file” error. During one of my games, it also became totally unresponsive and had to end the process through the task manager. When I tried to load the game through the autosave, it wouldn’t load at all.

  10. @Ted

    Yeah, I’ve been having the same error since the 2.0.5 update. It happens 75% of the time, especially when I build up my campaign organization in the states.

  11. @Mike and Aaron,

    This sounds like the save game file is getting too big. I’ll look at what’s going on.

  12. @Nick re %s shift from last day of polling to election night,

    Do you know what the undecideds % was going into the election night?

  13. @Nick,

    High-profile supporters, who basically made the Mac version happen, did not take away from the game. Having a Mac version means more resources to invest in making the game better.

    They aren’t turned on by default, so if you don’t want them in the game, they won’t be!

  14. @Nick re “You need at least two players selected.” message,

    I just tried 2016 with the set up you described, and it worked no problem. Does this happen right after you start the program, or is it after going through a game or something like that?

  15. @Rajan,

    I don’t think the Clinton e-mail controversy in itself warrants a decrease in her Integrity rating … yet. Interested in any other feedback on this.

  16. @Doug re save error, thanks for this. Same as with Aaron and Mike – probably the file is getting too big. I’ll look into this.

  17. @Anthony

    I don’t think her integrity takes a hit, unless it leads to other scandals. She’s still the frontrunner for the Dems, and arguably the frontrunner overall.

  18. @Bubbles re exiting Debate Prep. pop up,

    I haven’t been able to recreate this yet. Do you get the error consistently?

  19. @Anthony

    I thought this update was scheduled to be the one adding favorability to the game?

    So far, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere in the game. The most obvious place to look was, in my view, the “momentum” or “platform” tabs. However, I can’t find any indication of my candidate’s favorability with various demographic groups.

    Has favorability been delayed until a future update? Or is it there, below the surface, determining percentages, but with no way for candidates to gauge it?

    If the latter, adding favorability information to the game seems like it would be a nice addition-even if it’s obscured, like vote %, by the fog of war.

  20. @JohnDoe

    The favorability system is taking longer than normal to complete, it’s one of the reasons estimated release dates have been removed.

  21. @Chad

    Yes, I found the comment in the post for V 2.06 (IIRC) after posting this.

    I’m glad to wait as long as necessary, but I”m itching to try this new feature-it sounds much more realistic, and challenging, and just cool in general.

  22. So I created my own scenario, created Condi Rice as a Republican (because let’s be honest, this race needs a Republican that is an actual grown up and not a petulant child), set her attributes, PIP, starting campaign money similar to what Hillary and Jeb have, started the primaries in October, eventually took the lead in IA and NH, won debates, raising money, running ads, everything is going great. Then I hit the space bar to go to the next turn (mid-December), and voila I’ve fallen off a cliff. I’ve completely lost my lead in practically every state, going from 26% in IA to 6% (in a week??). No scandal or anything like that happened. I played a few more weeks, trying to recover, with no luck, couldn’t raise any money, barnstorming in states produced a negative effect, etc. Has anyone else had this happen? This has to be a flaw in the game right? There is no way that in one week, without anything happening in game (scandal), I could completely tank. I’m going to have to completely start the scenario over, this sucks.

  23. I know it’s picayune, but is there any way invitations to news shows can take place only on appropriate days? For example, most of the shows are Monday-Friday (except FNS and 60 Minutes, which are Sunday), so invitations to FNS would be only on Saturday (unless you somehow manage to have delayed interviews, but that should be way after you finish favorability).

  24. @Les,

    If you’ve tried the campaign multiple times, is it something that happens repeatedly? It sounds like a bug to me.

  25. Anthony, only run the scenario once before it went crazy on me. I have some time this weekend that I’m going to play, if I run into the same situation, I will let you know. Thanks.

  26. @Anthony – I couldn’t replicate the problem I had w/ selecting players on the starting aspect of the game again. As for the undecided’s issue in that HRC matchup…I think it must have been only a few percentage points, the GOP and Dem candidates were both relatively close. I’d say 10% ish.

  27. @Eric,

    Yes, that can be changed fairly straightforwardly.

    The role of interviews will probably be expanded in the future, and if that happens getting days of week right might also be added.

  28. If you need help with updating state-by-state primary polling numbers, I’m something of a polling junkie and would be willing to help out for each update if you would like! Let me know if interested, as it would be little problem for me to get you the numbers.

  29. I just played an election from July 15 to the end as Marco Rubio. Hillary won the Democratic Nomination. Going into election day Rubio was projected at 306 electoral votes. He got 31 and won 4 states… No matter how big of a landslide, polls couldn’t be that off ever. Please tell me this is this a glitch because it wont be fun if you don’t know what states to target based on polls.

  30. Also, the states didn’t finish reporting. Texas went 90% to 10% but only 24% reported yet its 1:59 am the next morning and it has said “election night is now over”. Please tell me this is a glitch

  31. @Kevin
    That’s right. I got this problem too. Oftentimes nearly all states didn’t finish reporting, when the election is already over…

  32. @Kevin,
    I had that happen to me too. I think it happens when you click on the states while the election night is still running. The first time it happened I was clicking around and all of a sudden I noticed a bunch of states stop reporting at 70% or 60% or a random percentage and I started loosing easy states. So the next time I did a game I did not click any states till election night was over and the election went about as expected. Then I ran another election clicking on states while election night was running and again weird things started happening (losing states I clearly should have won, and states stop reporting at low percentages reporting). I could be wrong but it does seem like clicking on states while election night is running may be the issue. In the first sim I ran as Rubio and won Virginia and lost Kentucky and pre-election I was up 20 in Kentucky and down 1 in Virginia. Kentucky was stuck at 70% reporting on election night. There were other weird states too.

  33. Is there any mechanism right now, in Campaign Editor or otherwise to change the candidates starting percentage? If not, will the percentages be updated in the next update to reflect the current standings?

  34. @John,

    Thanks for the offer – the problem right now isn’t so much adding polling data as it is getting the feature implemented which allows for different starting %s. It’s next up.

  35. OK, I’m done with this game. If it’s not one bug, it’s another. I’ve managed to make it through the primaries, win the nomination, save the game and quit for a little bit, go back to load my game and “List index out of bounds”. What the actual f*ck?!

    Here’s an idea for the future 270soft, rather than adding a bunch of stupid features that no one cares about, how about creating a game that is actually stable and playable all the way through a campaign?

    I am disgusted. What a shame there isn’t a competitor to this game around. It reminds me of EA’s College Football series, because there was no competitor, year after year they kept pushing out a shit product.

    I’ve bought and own I don’t even know how many 270soft products but never again. What a damn shame.

  36. Lee: There’s plenty of competitors out there. Just google “election game”.

    In my view…speaking as someone who has tried them all…this is the best one around. Your mileage may vary, so by all means, give them all a go.

  37. @Les,

    I’m sorry there’s a bug. I am continuing to fix bugs. The reason they keep getting introduced is that the game keeps getting improved. These are sometimes big changes. In the end, I think it will be worth it. To put things in perspective, for 2008 we didn’t even release until October of 2007 (equivalent to next month).

    Having said that, at this point I’m focusing on finding and fixing bugs. I know how frustrating it can be to play for awhile and then have the game crash with no way to resume where you left off. It’s a top priority to find and fix bugs right now.

  38. Suggestion to Anthony_270admin.

    Why not do what Daily Kos does when they roll out their new site upgrades? Have one formal game and one beta game. Release the beta to the public, have them squash bugs, and then integrate the beta into the formal release. That way people aren’t forever upgrading and hitting issues and still can have a playable game. It might reduce frustration and allow people to have a playable game and still allow you to have a beta model where you squash bugs.

    For example this would be President Forever Infinity 2016 BETA, separate from the formal President Forever Infinity 2016. When you introduce a new engine or whatever, you make it part of the beta, and when the bugs are squashed, you release it formally to the community.

    Obviously, you would have to set up pricing – if you bought the game, you get an opportunity to get the beta and test it or wait for the full game.

    (I’ve no frustration and I’ve been buying your products since 2004. It’s just a suggestion. :P)

  39. A few thoughts now that we have two debates behind us:

    Paul and/or Walker’s debating skill may want to be reduced to a 2.

    Fiorina’s debating skill and issue familiarity should both be raised to a 4.

  40. @Jonah, thanks for this – noted.

    @Longtime PF,

    Yes, a dual release model can work. I have done it before. We’ll see – thanks for this.

  41. I think Walker’s charisma should be a 2 (he’s Pawlenty 2.0 as predicted). I think Paul and Walker are still a 3 in debate.

    Fiorina is a 4 in debate, but a 3 in Issue Knowledge. The fact checkers found that her “win” was helped by her making up a ton of stuff and making it sound believable.

  42. @jonathan

    Walker can still get a crowd going on the campaign trail, where charisma matters more. I think it’s more that he’s a poor debater.

    Fair point on Fiorina. Name dropping doesn’t make you an expert. I meant more from a perception angle, her IF would be a 4, though perhaps it should stay at 3. We’ll see with upcoming interviews, debates, and speeches.

  43. @anthony
    I’m having the 2 candidates must be running problem at the candidate screen, if I start to turn off candidates. For instance, this happens for the 1968 scenario if i turn off the American Independent Party. Please fix this.

    Also, will the option to add regions in the editor be modified in the future without having to edit actual XML files?

  44. There’s an error of some kind regarding index out of bounds and something having a value of zero that’s been in since 2.0.5 I think. Still in 2.0.9.

    Easiest way to trigger it is to use the 1936 Scenario that vcczar made. Game will lockup when the third parties hold their conventions. (They do this about 20 turns into the scenario.) It actually happens in a lot of his scenarios and I occasionally get it in the 2016 one depending on the candidates.

    In 2.0.4, the error simply doesn’t happen.

    I’m just spitballing but it might be related to this fix in 2.0.5?
    “Fixed bug where players could select Veep candidates who shouldn’t be available”

  45. @Anthony

    I don’t know if this has been brought up, and maybe it will be fixed with the new favorability ratings, but the state results are still unrealistic when an election is concluded. For instance, a party winning New York with 87.5% of the vote, for example. I notice that the percentages a day before election day, even with only 1% undecided, can be drastically different when the results come in. 3rd parties generally get a boost too. A party estimated to get 1% of the vote, with 1% undecided, the day before the election, can end up with 4.5% or something.

  46. Windows 8. I can’t play any new games (doing debate prep which is pretty necessary) without it freezing with that error message. Thanks for your help btw, I really want to do a Kennedy/Reagan/Wallace game which would be awesome!

  47. @Wilson,

    Not sure what you’re referring to – do you mean lopsided results on election day? No, hasn’t been fixed yet.

  48. @Bubbles,

    That’s odd – I haven’t gotten a report of this error from anyone else. If anyone is experiencing it, please let me know.

    Is it just exiting out of Debate Prep., or do you get an error when you go into the Debate Prep. screen?

  49. @Landon,

    Thank you for reporting this bug – it has been fixed in the latest internal, which will be the next released version.

    Yes, adding regions has been added to the Editor in the latest internal, but not modifying the location, so it still requires editing the XML. This is planned to be added.

  50. 8.1, and it’s going into the debate prep screen. It comes up with that error, then my game is just frozen and I have to control+alt+delete. One thing that’s also strange is that when I play in the 2016 scenario, it doesn’t happen, but, when I play in ’68 I get it. Thanks for your help, I hope I can play ’68 again :D.

  51. @Alistair,

    Can you compress (zip) the relevant save files (one main, and then one related for each candidate, they will be in the savegames folder), and e-mail them to me ( )?

    I can then look at it and figure out what is causing the error.

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